Partner conduct

Partners are an important part of the affLIFT community. We are always happy to welcome new Partners into our community and we encourage them to participate in the discussions while also recruiting business from the community!

But, it is important Partners understand what is expected from them in return for our business.

  1. We do not allow Partners on affLIFT to send unsolicited messages to members.
  2. All Partners are allowed and encouraged to create an "Official" thread that they can keep updated with news and updates from their company.
  3. Partners that do not have a VIP membership are not allowed to make multiple threads. You can update your Offcial thread as much as you like (a few times a week is recommended), but you are not allowed to create new threads about your company.
  4. VIP Partners are allowed to create 1 new thread a week.
  5. Partners are welcome to join in discussions that are relevant to their business and help members.