In the world of online gambling, Brazil stands out as a vast market brimming with opportunities. At Kadam, we know how to make your campaign successful in this geo.

We've compiled this guide to help you easily and confidently drive traffic in this country, which is rich in cultural, linguistic, and technical nuances. We will show you how to adapt your advertising to the Brazilian flair, considering their unique Portuguese language and cultural nuances. You'll learn to use national symbols and colors that guarantee better audience engagement.

Particular attention is given to financial aspects: popular payment systems, mobile operators, etc. We will discuss the best launch dates and creative ideas, as well as the most popular slot machines among Brazilians. Enjoy reading and successful Brazilian campaigns!


Language adaptation in Brazil is key to success. The main language is Portuguese, and its Brazilian variant differs significantly from the European one. Not just in pronunciation, but also in vocabulary, grammar, and even cultural references. Spanish is somewhat present but secondary. English is not so popular, so it's recommended to disable it in advertising campaigns. The ideal option is to work with a translator who lives in Brazil or is well acquainted with local language nuances — this will ensure the accuracy and relevance of your message. Alternatively, you can use text neural networks, which can also yield good results.


In Brazil, the Brazilian Real (BRL, symbol — R$) is used. Understanding the currency is necessary for proper budget planning and pricing.

Average salary​

On average, the salary in Brazil ranges from 400 to 500 US dollars, equivalent to approximately 2500-4000 Brazilian reais. These figures will help you understand the purchasing power and expectations of your target audience. Understanding this aspect will help in creating offers that are attractive and accessible to local users.

Major cities​

São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Salvador, Fortaleza are the largest cities in Brazil, each with a unique demographic and cultural profile. São Paulo is the economic center, Rio de Janeiro is known for its carnivals and beaches, while Brasília is the capital with modern architecture. Salvador and Fortaleza are famous for their cultural heritage and tourist attractions. Understanding these regional features will help you more effectively set up geotargeting and content for advertising campaigns.

National symbols and colours​

Brazilians are very proud of their national symbolism and flag colours. Using green, yellow, and blue colors in creatives can evoke a sense of national pride and increase response. Avoid using black and purple colours, as they are associated with mourning.

The largest banks​

It's important to know the major banks in Brazil: Itaú Unibanco, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica Federal, Santander Brasil. These banks are widely used by the local population. You can incorporate elements of their interfaces in creatives — this will build trust and attract more audience.

Payment systems​

Payment systems such as Pix (analogous to Qiwi) and Boleto Bancario are very popular in Brazil. Including mentions of these systems in advertising materials can increase trust and convenience for users.

Major mobile operators​

Vivo, Claro, TIM are the main mobile operators in Brazil. Indicating the compatibility of your product or service with these networks can strengthen trust and expand your audience reach.

Good dates for launching​

The Brazilian Carnival (25.02-05.03) and All Saints' and Witches' Day (01.11-02.11) are excellent dates for launching advertising campaigns. These periods are characterized by high traffic and audience openness to new offers. Adapt the creatives to match the spirit of these holidays.

Ideas for creatives
  • In Brazil, a Tier-3 country, focus on success stories, stable payouts, and large jackpots. Show more emotion and excitement in wealthier regions, as gambling is often seen as a hobby here.
  • Brazil is definitely a country that loves football. Using images of football stars like Neymar and Ronaldinho could be a great idea.
  • From our observations, creatives with monkeys also perform well.
  • It's very important to avoid images of Conquistadors due to Brazil's colonial past.
  • Top popular slots among Brazilians: Aviator, Gates of Olympus, Crazy Time, Crazy Coin Flip, Plinko, Mines, Sweet Bonanza, Spaceman, Auto-Roulette.

Examples of successful text creatives​

  • (1) VOCÊ GANHOU 800 BRL + 200 rodadas grátis! JOGUE AGORA - (1) YOU WON 800 BRL + 200 free spins! PLAY NOW!
  • Você quer ganhar? Bônus de 200%+100FS para você - Do you want to win? Bonus 200%+100FS for you!
  • (1) Ganhe um bônus! 200% no depósito + 100FS! - (1) Get a special bonus! 200% on deposit + 100FS!
  • Até R$500 no seu primeiro depósito + 25 Giros Grátis - Up to 500 Brazilian reals on your first deposit + 25 Free Spins

Recommendations for launching​

  • Platforms: Android 10+
  • Devices: Smartphone + Phablet
  • Expected average cost per registration: $0.5-1
  • Expected deposit cost: $20-35+


That's all — we've covered the main points for launching gambling campaigns in this geo. We hope our tips and recommendations will help you create effective and attractive advertising campaigns that resonate with the Brazilian audience. We wish you successful launches! If you are interested in working with Brazil and applying the information from the article, we invite you to join Kadam at this link.