Let’s see how you can start earning more with 2061 Social Survey and people who love meeting new people. This Smart Survey is perfect for a typical audience looking for a soulmate or just company to chat with. The offer has an easy flow and covers almost all countries. Impressive, isn’t it? In this short article we’ll tell more about what it is and how to work with it.

Why is Social Surveys different from other offers?​

Smart Surveys are an in-house product by Zeydoo where an affiliate is paid after a survey with the easiest questions is completed by a user.

Social Network Surveys is a subtype of these surveys dedicated to social networking & chats. The audience here is your typical audience for social offers: people who want to meet someone new and find a company for themselves.


A user needs to answer 6 simple questions and then
  1. the affiliate gets the payment
  2. the user can go and sign up on the chatting website.

You can choose between two landing pages:

A cartoonish landing page (English):​


A landing page with an interactive map where they show girls nearby (English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese and Malaysian):​


Best traffic sources for Social Survey​

The best traffic sources for these types of offers would be Push, Popunder and Email. This is where we usually get the highest quality traffic from.

You can also work with Facebook. To monitor conversions add your FB Pixel to var_3={facebookpixel_ID}.

Also Social Network Survey can be a great traffic back thanks to its worldwide coverage and easy flow so that you can get the most out of your traffic.

Once you’re done with the test cap - $200 - we give quick feedback on traffic, help optimize the funnel for your traffic source and give individual rares. All this will boost your CR and your profit!

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What GEOs will be perfect for Social Survey​

We suggest you start testing and scaling with our top GEOs for 2061 - Social Survey - CPL. The best converting at the moment are: US 5% | TH 5% | PH 6% | FR 4% | IT 3% | MZ 21% | BD 9% | RO 6% | ML 16% | UZ 12%.

You can always check out the freshest selection of TOP GEOs in our Telegram channel or ask your manager.

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