Hello, AffLift community! We would like to share with you the case written by one of our affiliates.

This case started in January 2021. Even though a lot of affiliates thinks UAC Dating is dead, this is not actually so. To refute this myth, I have decided to provide this case.

Case # 1
Affiliate: Advery
Offer: Adult Smartlink
Period: January-March 2021
Geo: FR, IT, DE, USA
Source: Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) via Apps
Costs: $23,471
Income: $66,209
ROI: 182%
Profit: $42,737


Only Android web view – I rented 10% of the traffic in order to control the number of installations (no more than 1,000 per day) and, if necessary, promptly drive up the number of reviews. There have been plenty of proposals for applications in Telegram chats, both at the beginning of the year and now.

Application tips – only choose applications only from the 18+ category. If the age category is lower, there will be a lot of traffic from kids' games and platforms.

I ran all the GEOs that Advery recommends – they know which GEOs will take UAC traffic right now and where the good payouts will be.
During this period, France and Italy worked best.

I mainly used video. My creatives are attached in a folder.
The ad text is not important, since the number of impressions and clicks can only be recorded on the YouTube video platform.

I will not explain why, but in 2021 all launches should be from 'warmed up' accounts only, starting with a budget of $50 and gradually increasing.
It wasn't possible to optimize UAC during the registration, the installation price increased 2 - 3 times, and the conversion increased only 1.5 - 2 times. It is best to drive traffic for installations.
It is also better to start with several landing pages and then choose the best one, but in my case this is done by the Advery manager.
You also need to remember push notifications, otherwise the advertiser will complain about the low quality of traffic.

UAC R.I.P in March
All the buyers on Dating UAC during the period from 6 to 10 March faced massive account blocking. And the reason for this is that Google has updated its adult content policy.

Before the update went into effect, the ads ran but were marked with a yellow 'Moderately restricted' bar. After the entry into force of the new rules, these very ads were marked with the 'Strongly restricted' bar and banned.


Also, in the period from March 6 to March 15, any new launches (even without video and photo creatives) were almost immediately blocked as soon as the UAC campaign on the Dating app was launched. This period is called 'stormy'.
After March 15, we managed to get rid of massive bans, but it became clear that creatives were now rigidly moderated, and the previous format of creatives was not suitable.

After that, I stopped focusing on UAC and used other sources.
In August 2021, I decided to do a restart.

The launch differed from the January launch only in that creatives are now less sexy. I will not add them, as I plan to use them for a couple more months.

Case #2 August
Affiliate: Advery
Offer: Adult Smartlink
Period: August 2021
Source: Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) via Apps
Costs: $884
Income: $1,324
ROI: 50%
Profit: $440


Thanks for your attention. If you have any questions – fell free to ask us in comments bellow :)