Wondering how to maximize your affiliate earnings during Q5? Without extra words, let's get to the essence – precisely targeted dating campaigns in Q5.

Today we'll:
  1. Briefly describe Q5.
  2. Explain why Q5 is interesting for your dating campaign.
  3. Explore how boldly you can experiment with offers during the Q5 campaign.
  4. Differentiate the dating target audience in Q5 from others.
  5. Discuss ways to create engaging dating content.
  6. Provide examples, examples, examples – the most effective ways to incorporate seasonal trends into your hot dating campaign.
  7. The part you've been waiting for – numbers: metrics, results, and more.
So, go on!

What's Q5?​

In the briefest terms: Q5 is Christmastime. That's all, nothing extra. No secrets. Just Christmastime when the old year is ending, and the new year (in financial and working time) is still approaching.

Why Q5 is interesting for Dating​

Much interesting is why Q5 is one of the most profitable times for dating vertical.

Here's a hint: St. Valentine's Day. Still not clear? Alright, Christmas. If it's not clicking yet, how about the 13th salary?

The dating industry experiences predictable peaks that are obvious, but those outside the industry often overlook them. Towards the year's end, people receive extra income and major holidays free them from work routines. They have plenty of free time, are often in a festive mood, and an openness to new adventures.

This simple reason explains why even your less-than-ideal marketing offers for the dating sector can work during Christmas. The reason is that dating traffic becomes inundated with various people, from lonely hearts to more adventurous individuals. All you need to do is craft a compelling lead magnet to draw them into your network.

It's not a difficult task, but if you understand your audience and master the offers and creatives for your marketing campaign, you can significantly increase your earnings.

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Who is your sweet daddy? Target Audience​

The target audiences (TAs) are obvious, but as you know, the devil is in the details. So, here's a table describing different TAs in the dating industry. You can use this knowledge to optimize your lead magnets and marketing campaign overall:

Platform TypeKey Characteristics of TAMarketing StrategiesPotential RisksLead Magnet
Classic Dating Sites30–60 years old, looking for serious relationships, often divorced or never married.Advertising that winter is the perfect time for finding serious relationships. Discounts on long-term subscriptions.Declining interest among younger users; competition from mobile apps.Free e-book on "Finding Love After 30: A Guide to Serious Relationships"
Apps like Tinder18–35 years old, looking for both short-term and long-term relationships, active smartphone users.Ad campaigns focusing on fun and casual meet-ups during the holidays. Special holiday "profile boosts."The possibility of "quick" and low-quality matches may repel those looking for serious relationships.Free access to a premium feature like "Super Likes" for a limited time during the holidays.
Suspicious Sites18–45 years old, inexperienced in online dating, often unwilling to spend a lot.Instant discounts and bonuses, focus on "everyone is already here."Risk of high churn due to dissatisfaction; potential legal issues.Free "Holiday Ice-Breakers": A list of conversation starters to use on the platform.
Ashley Madison-like Platforms30–55 years old, often married and looking for discreet relationships.Advertising about discretion and privacy, focus on a "second chance" during the holidays. Discounts on additional anonymous services.Ethical and legal risks; risk of negative publicity.A confidential e-book on "Keeping Your Affair a Secret: Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Discretion."

In the analysis of target audiences (TAs), it's evident that there are no young people represented. If you adhere to the principles of "Fair ADS" and operate within the legal sphere, you can emphasize the need for focusing your users on this absence of a younger demographic.

Even if you are working with some "gray" platforms, it's much more effective to divert attention away from the age group of the platform's users you're advertising on. It's simpler than trying to attract a younger audience, like taking candy from a child.

Not the worst dating creatives for Q5 Christmastime​

There are thousands of creatives out there, and we use thousands of them. That's why you shouldn't search for creatives here. It's better to steal them from your competitors if you lack imagination.

Why are we so blunt? Simple! Because now we'll give you a cool creative for your marketing campaign, which we've tested on our own ads. It may work less effectively for you, and you might accuse us of providing a scam.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend using these, or any other Christmas creatives, as they are just part of a marketing campaign. Before you use them, you should understand the context in which they were used, including factors like budget, geography, traffic source, and timing. Otherwise, results may not be replicable.

Even if it turns out successful, you, your friends, and other marketers will start using those creatives, and they will cease to be effective.

So, don't focus too much on the creative aspect. Just follow the simple marketing rules. And please remember, nobody successfully shares their secrets until they've extracted every last drop from them.

The examples we'll provide are just that—examples, not real advice. With them, you can focus on the elements and create your own.

Platform TypeCreative TypeImage DescriptionTaglineCTAAdditional Content
Classic Dating SitesAd BannerA cozy couple in front of a fireplace with Christmas decorations.Heat Up Your Holidays, Find Your Match Today!Sign Up Now & Get 30% Off on Premium Membership
Email CampaignLove is Just a Click Away This ChristmasUnwrap the gift of love this holiday season. Sign up now and get a free e-book on 'Finding Love After 30.'
Apps like TinderIn-App NotificationMistletoe and champagne glasses clinking.Spark Your Holiday Romance!Boost Your Profile Now! Get 5 Free Super Likes!
Social Media AdA fun Christmas party scene.Why be alone this holiday when you could be swiping right?Download Now
Suspicious SitesPop-up AdHoliday-themed background with text overlay.Everyone is Here, Why Aren't You?Join Now & Get Free Holiday Ice-Breakers!
SMS CampaignSpend your holidays with someone special! Limited-time offer: 50% off all subscriptions. Click to claim!
Ashley Madison-like PlatformsBanner AdA masked couple at a masquerade ball with a Christmas theme.Unwrap Your Secret This Holiday Season.Get Started with Anonymity Guaranteed
Email CampaignGive Yourself the Gift of a Second Chance this ChristmasThis holiday season, spice up your life discreetly. Sign up now and get a confidential e-book on 'Keeping Your Affair a Secret.'

Numbers Sounds interesting​

Okay, let me be honest with you. Nobody, including us, shares the real ROI or the exact amount of money we earn from our most successful campaigns. The reason is simple: if we know a secret that allows us to earn more, we don't share it until it proves effective.

Instead, we will show you almost perfect (but not perfect) creatives and expectations from our campaigns. We will use creatives and campaigns that are close to reality, but not from this season.

We can tell you about the best targeting, about the best traffic sources. However, real examples from the East or the West are the best. Here's a list of the casual dating affiliate marketing campaigns.

Case NumberCountry/GeoOffer Type/Payment ModelTraffic SourceInitial Investment ($)Total Revenue ($)Net Profit ($)ROI (%)DurationKey Insights
Case 1Various African CountriesDOI, $30 for approval + $10 subscriptionRival traffic*$200$564$36454.84 weeksCreative and landing page adjustments improved ROI.
Case 2Romania$1.36 for registrationPush Notifications$217$410$1928925 daysTested Geo and offer, opportunity for scaling.
Case 3East European countryUnknownFacebook*$0$788$7883 weeksUsed multiple Facebook* accounts with female personas for organic reach.
Case 4GlobalDating OffersInstagram$100$2,000$1,700-$2,0001700-20001 monthUsed a large network of accounts, avoided explicit content for longevity.
Case 5ZADOI, $1.6 per conversionPopunders$343.2$686.4$343.2100Not specifiedLanding pages with quizzes and attractive women had better conversions.
Case 6English-speaking CountriesAdult OffersPopunders & Facebook*Unknown$15,000$15,000Unknown4 monthsMultiple offers, special Facebook* account, multiple bans not critical.
Case 7East European countryLoveeto Desktop 25+MyTarget$241.77$292.79$51.02211 monthUsed Admobispy for market analysis, positive experience with MyTarget.

Best GEO​

For a robust and profitable dating marketing campaign in 2023, you may want to focus on Tier-1 countries such as Germany, the UK, France, and the United States. These nations have a higher proportion of consumers willing to spend, although be prepared for stiffer competition. If you're new to the market, India could be a great starting point due to its massive and economically diverse population. Japan also offers an attractive landscape, especially considering the high iPhone usage among its residents.

If you want to find high-converting offers for these geos – register to Cpamatica.

For those looking to tap into less competitive markets, consider Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries, like those in Latin America. However, it would be wise to steer clear of countries where religious beliefs might limit the consumption of adult content.

Traffic Source​

If you're looking to optimize your dating marketing campaign for 2023, look no further! We recommend leveraging push networks, specialized advertising networks like pop-unders and click-unders, and social media for the best conversion rates.

Don't miss out on the emerging opportunity with Google UAC, a promising and rapidly growing traffic source. If you're considering mobile apps, start with Android to maximize your ROI. Make sure to follow affiliate network guidelines to keep your campaign compliant and profitable!

Our managers are always ready to help you find the best traffic source for a particular offer.

Push networks​

Push networks have easy and quick campaign setups, the ability to test various geographies, and a relatively low barrier to entry. They support both mobile and desktop traffic and even allow for adult-oriented offers, which other mainstream sources may restrict.

However, they come with high competition and the risk of budget loss if not set up correctly. Mobile traffic tends to convert better than desktop, and evenings are generally the best time for ad placements. It's advisable to direct traffic to a pre-landing page to warm up the audience and filter out irrelevant clicks.


Certainly, in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, particularly in the dating niche, time and efficiency are of the essence. One practical trick is to accelerate your A/B testing by sourcing existing creatives from various platforms, rather than starting from scratch each time. While it's essential to eventually create unique, tailored creatives for your campaign, initially using pre-existing ones from markets or platforms like Pinterest can help you quickly identify what resonates with your audience.

This approach allows you to test multiple variables in a shorter time frame, enabling you to zero in on the most effective creative elements more rapidly. Once you have a clearer understanding of what works, you can invest time and resources into crafting high-quality, original creatives that incorporate those successful elements. This way, you combine efficiency with effectiveness, optimizing your campaign for both reach and conversion.

What's in the end?​

In the end, there aren't many differences in how to reach your target audience in the fifth quarter—nothing extra. It's the same as always, with a greater emphasis on the Christmas mood and slightly more discounts and price offers.

Do not use spy software to analyze your target audience. Do not buy any creatives because if someone sold them to you, they won't work. Good luck with your campaigns!

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