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Recent content by Zeropark

  1. Zeropark

    Voluum now with Automizer

    Lots of really useful features and exclusive deals for Zeropark users make it pretty much the best tracker-traffic source combination on the market! Thanks @Voluum! 🤝 Magda
  2. Zeropark

    ask about zp campaign

    @leadhunter It's highly recommended to start with a bid slightly higher than the recommended. You should then focus on watching your win ratio and adjust the bid as needed (slowly increase until the win ratio is at 70%-90%). If you need more tips, we've recently published a big guide for...
  3. Zeropark

    Zeropark presents: Offer Wall

    Hi guys! Our Offer Wall inventory just got bigger! You can now run Adcombo's offers with exclusive benefits for both new and current customers (hint: it's a payout increase!) ;) Just a little reminder - the Offer Wall is visible and available for everyone who made the first top up. Cheers...
  4. Zeropark

    ask about zp campaign

    Hi @leadhunter! If your offer is an adult smartlink then you need to choose the adult traffic. Magda
  5. Zeropark

    The Best List of Newbie Friendly Geos

    You're right, @Luke! Here's the list of countries with the percentage of English language clicks in the last two weeks. Check it out :) : country_code country language % of all clicks BM Bermuda en 100% GI Gibraltar en 100% SR Suriname en 96% TZ Tanzania, United Republic of en 95%...
  6. Zeropark

    Rejected as Advertiser By ZeroPark

    Hi @tomcruise624! Please dm me your email address that you used to register to Zeropark and I'll make sure your application is reviewed again. Magda
  7. Zeropark

    How To Optimize Native In-App Ads — Community Guidelines

    Hi guys! Since the in-app native is still a relatively new Zeropark ad format we thought you might appreciate some optimization tips! We’ve looked through the community and gathered the best advice from those who optimized their in-app native campaigns to profitability. Community tips on how...
  8. Zeropark

    Zeropark (Pops) for CPI — Keyword or RON Campaign?

    Hi @afftisgandis! From what we can see, it's best to start running these kind of offers with a RON campaign and then optimize based on OSes and browsers. You should also try making your own whitelist as soon as you have some significant data :) Magda
  9. Zeropark

    Conversion Capping Now in Zeropark!

    Hi guys! Don’t you hate it when you’ve found a good offer but it’s got a conversion cap? So rather than optimize a campaign and let it run, you have to constantly keep an eye on it not to spend money on conversions that won’t count? In order to make it easier for you to manage your campaigns...
  10. Zeropark

    Follow Along Sushi’s Stab at Zeropark Native

    Hey guys, Quick update from the Zeropark Development Team -> you can now crop images and icons for your Native In-App campaigns directly in Zeropark. Hopefully this saves you a couple of minutes when setting up your campaigns ;) Enjoy! Magda
  11. Zeropark

    Comment by 'Zeropark' in article 'Beginner’s Tutorial on How to Start in Affiliate Marketing (with Zeropark)'

    Hi @Adlane! If you log into Zeropark and make your first deposit you'll get access to our offer wall. It's full of network recommendations with additional bonuses :) Magda
  12. Zeropark

    Zeropark owes me an iPhone

    First of all, you clicked, so: Second of all, there's a wheel somewhere at our office that you need to spin for a chance to win that iPhone. Drop by! In the meantime, can I offer you a mobile content subscription? :D - Bart
  13. Zeropark

    Zeropark Community Favorite Follow Along - Vote for your FAVORITE!

    Congrats, @amazone 👏 Great effort, and a fascinating read! We look forward to facilitating even greater campaigns in the future! -- Bart
  14. Zeropark

    Hello affLIFT community

    Hi @Adlane! Zeropark has recently published a beginner's guide to affiliate marketing. Maybe you'd find some useful info there as well ;) Magda
  15. Beginner’s Tutorial on How to Start in Affiliate Marketing (with Zeropark)

    Beginner’s Tutorial on How to Start in Affiliate Marketing (with Zeropark)

    So, you decided to try your luck in affiliate marketing, bought access to the forum and started to feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of informational content. If you’ve been browsing through the forum or tried searching for ‘beginner tutorials’ or ‘how to start in affiliate marketing’...