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    Newbie Questions

    Hi there, I've been working with a lot of clients during those years in Zeropark, and I can tell for sure that the right offer + lander is always the key. The truth is if you're direct linking to the offer page without lander, it's very hard to get some decent results on PPV. So, I would...
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    Will Forex Products Sell Using Push Traffic?

    Hi guys, let me chime in here - Forex indeed is one of the most popular type of campaigns to promote on push right now. The whole financial/gambling/crypto niche is quite vibrant and proved to be a good match for this traffic, so what you guys see on AdPlexity is an absolute truth but it’s still...
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    10 emails collected, 250 click to offer page but 0 sign up, 0 conversion. Is this normal?

    Hi, diablox0147, the truth is generating sign-ups is a tough task and usually require a right kind of optimization for each type of traffic that you are buying from us, and each one has its own specifics, so what's right for push obviously will not necessarily work for pops. As it’s hard for me...
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    Follow Along Mobile Push offer from PeerFly+Bemob+Zeropark

    Hey @Ibrahim.M Sorry for being late to the party, allow me to address your questions: 1. Our suggestion is first make big optimisations and after you are happy with that then, go granular. By this we mean concentrate on finding the source id's that work in the campaign, pausing out the ones...
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    Follow Along Need a new Phone? Zeropark + Bemob + Peerfly

    Hey @markbeats Welcome To ZP! If you need to know anything just tag us and we will weigh in as best we can! Neill
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    ZeroPark morel-bovine source

    Hey all, A sources quality always depends on the type of offer you are running. For example a source that will work well for a more aggressive desktop downloader campaign will not perform so well on a e-commerce campaign, as the funnel and flow of how you expect those users to act is...
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    Is optimization on Site Id(or zoneid whatever) important in Push notification Ads?

    Hey @diablox0147 While it is true what really matters in push is the creative content - better fresher text and images mean a higher CTR, Zones (target and source) are also relevant. The site someone subscribes to the push from and the age of the subscribers can have a big impact on quality...
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    how much you bid CPM for Popunder traffic ?

    hey @diablox0147 We have an estimation tool on our page which will tell you the average CPV price for which ever setting you put in. May be a useful benchmark when you are judging how much to put in as a bid on any network. Thanks Neill
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    Which Spy Tols Is good?

    Hey @Ankur If you reach out to [email protected] with the campaign vertical and geo we can try to suggest a whitelist of sources to get started with. Thanks, Neill
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    Guide Your Simple steps to your first campaign "using PeerFly,Voluum and Zeropark"

    @MohamedMorsy Fantastic Guide! We are happy to help any newbies! [email protected] is at your service. :) Thanks, Neill
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    I set $10 daily budget on Zeropark but spended $56

    Hey All, Think @DEADZ + @Nick and @zakboui hit the nail on the head, but if anything like this happens feel free to reach out to [email protected] Thanks Neill
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    Follow Along Promoting a Black-Hat Offer that pays out $105/per lead

    Good luck with your follow along! Push is a pretty good choice for Casino offers, we do have plenty of success stories on that vertical. Don't forget, that you can always ping us for any kind of help :)
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    Follow Along ZeroPark+PeerFly Install Offer+BeMob. (First Try)

    In case you need any help with your campaign, please, don't hesitate to drop us a message. You can ask us here, or write to [email protected], and we'll be more than glad to give you some tips&tricks regarding your campaigns!
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    Finance Vertical + US Tax Season = Profit

    Hey guys, the 2019 US tax season is in full swing, meaning, US citizens need any help they can get doing their tax returns. There are plenty of popular services that make tax returns really simple, and they do offer affiliate programs. The tax season is a recurring event known for bringing...
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    Guide 6 Trends in Push Creatives

    Hey guys, we've studied the trends in push ads' campaigns to bring you this little guide. Even though there are plenty variables in affiliate marketing, this rundown of trends should give you a good starting point when thinking about the creatives for your campaigns. This guide was originally...