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    What CTR is too high?

    Hey @Duke72 Could you contact [email protected] with the source and target id's that have this high CTR? If you have not already it is something we can investigate. Thanks! Zeropark
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    How to Set Bid on ZeroPark?

    Hey @josefslezak @Luke is right there are many variables throughout the day that will affect the campaigns visibility. If this is too flexible for you one thing you can concentrate on is "Win Ratio". This is available on a target or source level, if you find a subid that you like it gives a...
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    Push Traffic from Geo's That Won't Break the bank

    Doing Push but finding the margins tight? or looking to get in but feeling priced out? Here are some exciting alternative countries from Zeropark’s account management team that won’t break the bank :cool: Choose Myanmar at 0.01$ - If you are looking to run some Mobile App, Dating or Smartlink...
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    Goals for 2019

    Hey Luke, Happy to help, it's been great so far for us as well! keeping our finger on the pulse of what is happing within the community. Feedback as you know in any way shape or form is invaluable. Thanks, Neill.
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    ZeroPark min. Bids?

    hey @meghani The problem is with the inventory selected, to use the lowest bid 0.0001 you must have all sources active as they have the traffic available for this bid. Premium inventory cuts it down to our best publishers and the minimum bid for this selection is 0.0008. Thanks!
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    Affiliate Marketing Promo Codes and Coupons

    Hey @adpaidjeffry Drop us a DM with the email or account email you contacted support with and we will get on it!
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    There is someone here from the support of zeropark??

    Hey @2024followers what's the email or account email you contacted us from? (you can send it to us in a DM) We will check out the ticket. Thanks!
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    ZeroPark min. Bids?

    Hi Meghani, I'm sorry for the slow reaction here. Do you still see those problems? I've tried it like a minute ago in our platform, and everything seemed to be working. Can you tell me exactly which GEO was that? Thanks! Sasha - Zeropark
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    Campaign - Keywords

    Hi Christian, In terms of keyword campaign - there's globally not a lot of traffic for certain keywords. The more specific your keywords are - the less traffic you get. If you look at our traffic calculator, you'll see that for the keyword "weight loss" there're only 20,640 visits generated for...
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    Zeropark push - unique visits BeMob

    Hi Johnny_ex So, this issue is actually pretty complicated and has a lot of questions that we should answer before we can something for sure: 1. How does BeMob track unique visits? If we're talking about Voluum, cookies method is used for that. And has proved to be quite effective causing only...
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    Follow Along First Follow Along @ Gambling

    Hey @cacofb As for the minimum budget per target, that was the business decision from our end. We figured that $5 is the minimum price you can spend on one target to really understand the quality of traffic. We haven't received many complaints so far in regards to that. Is this something that...
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    Newbie Questions

    Hi there, I've been working with a lot of clients during those years in Zeropark, and I can tell for sure that the right offer + lander is always the key. The truth is if you're direct linking to the offer page without lander, it's very hard to get some decent results on PPV. So, I would...
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    Will Forex Products Sell Using Push Traffic?

    Hi guys, let me chime in here - Forex indeed is one of the most popular type of campaigns to promote on push right now. The whole financial/gambling/crypto niche is quite vibrant and proved to be a good match for this traffic, so what you guys see on AdPlexity is an absolute truth but it’s still...
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    10 emails collected, 250 click to offer page but 0 sign up, 0 conversion. Is this normal?

    Hi, diablox0147, the truth is generating sign-ups is a tough task and usually require a right kind of optimization for each type of traffic that you are buying from us, and each one has its own specifics, so what's right for push obviously will not necessarily work for pops. As it’s hard for me...
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    Follow Along Mobile Push offer from PeerFly+Bemob+Zeropark

    Hey @Ibrahim.M Sorry for being late to the party, allow me to address your questions: 1. Our suggestion is first make big optimisations and after you are happy with that then, go granular. By this we mean concentrate on finding the source id's that work in the campaign, pausing out the ones...