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Recent content by webmon

  1. webmon

    Denis from Gotzha here

    Hi Denis and Welcome to the Afflift community (y),
  2. webmon

    200+ emails and messages... Happy Birthday to me!

    Happy Birthday Luck 🥳🥳 and Welcome back to your second Home Afflift :)
  3. webmon

    Beginner with Push ads

    Welcome to the Afflift community as @Traffic Company said there is so many push network, what I can suggest is to begin with one of them to begin testing and understanding the concept of Push ads by lunching some campaigns, after that if you find some wining campaigns you can begin scaling to...
  4. webmon

    Hello everyone on the forum

    Welcome Dejan to the Afflift community, hope you will achieve great results in the near future :) My recommendation like @servandosilva said will be to begin with the Pops Guide as a beginning to configure and try some campaigns quickly, after that I recommend to try some Push traffic...
  5. webmon

    Hi Software Developer 33 years

    Hi Wayne welcome to the Afflift community, interested in your auto blogging SAAS based tool, can you provide more detail about this tool please ?
  6. webmon

    Follow Along My Newbie Journey to (the west) to find profitable campaign with Zeropark and achieve $ 50 to $100 Per Day

    @gratified2 I think what @amazone is recommending is offers that are the top performing in the network, and offers that have simple flow (SOI, 1 click) with great offer landing page, also you must and focus in tier 2,3 countries ... Good luck
  7. webmon

    Can't see my conversion in the network

    Hi @Saikat1990 please post all your setup in your tracker and your postback url added to the network so we can investigate the issue, Good luck (y)
  8. webmon

    Follow Along ZP + Desktop traffic + Streaming offers

    Sound very interesting @servandosilva :) I'm following, Good luck (y)
  9. webmon

    Hey there! I am using affLift!

    Welcom Alexander to the Afllift Community, hope you will find all the help and the support that you will need to succed in the AM world, I suggest take a look to Push Traffic, there is still a lot of opportunities there for beginner, Good luck (y)
  10. webmon

    Tracking Conversions for Content Locker offers !

    Hi Afflift, hope all the community is safe in those difficult time :) Recently I'm trying to test some content locker offers in different networks, but I can't track conversions when I implement the content locker in my lander, knowing that all offers in the locker are generated dynamically by...
  11. webmon

    Happy 2nd Birthday, affLIFT!

    Happy Birthday AffLift! :love: my best online affiliate marketing community
  12. webmon

    Software Engineer (hopefully) Turning Into Affiliate Marketer

    Welcome Shuaib to the Afflift community, hope you will find all the resources and help here, you can start a follow along so we can follow your campaigns to comment and help, good luck in your journey :)
  13. webmon

    Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation

    Facebook and Google with their algorithm monitoring isn't making things easy and make so many mistakes for everyone, hopefully sure they will reinstate the account after a real human take a look at the account (y)
  14. webmon

    Follow Along Pushground + Voluum + Amahle

    This is very cool that @Pushground has joined the Afflift community, I was using their push traffic for a while with some good results, hope you will achieve good results in your campaign @Luke :)
  15. webmon

    Zeydoo - Affiliate Network from PropellerAds?

    I received an email from @PropellerAds a while ago about Zeydoo and joined the network, and I confirm what has been said not enough offers but I hope they will add more offers and I'm will be very happy to test the network especially if it is from propellerads (y)