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Recent content by webmon

  1. webmon

    Follow Along 🎰Casino offer | Advidi + BeMob + PropellerAds.

    @sarveshpandey89 Good luck with your campaign, I'm following :)
  2. webmon

    Follow Along 2020 Contest | Monetizer + PropellerAds + BeMob

    szajka Look you have some good campaign start and some zones are doing great :) keep going (y)
  3. webmon

    Follow Along 2020 Contest | Advertizer+Kintura+Sweeps

    @MadHatTricks Good luck with your journey I'm following, hope you can hit the 100$/day very quickly :)
  4. webmon

    3rd party platforms for own push notification list (other than onesignal)

    @sushiparlour, for me onesignal is the best especially their free plan, I used onesignal especially for my own mobile apps and is very good, if you want other solutions you can check this link : https://www.g2.com/categories/push-notification Good luck :)
  5. webmon

    Follow Along Follow my journey with Monetizer

    Hi @aHocane i recommand this follow along from @sushiparlour this is great case study to begin with, good luck :)
  6. webmon

    Follow Along EG is HOT. Let's spend another $96.16 there!

    Luke I will sure follow this one, hope we can crash the numbers :)
  7. webmon

    Comment by 'webmon' in article 'MOBIPIUM Review'

    I begin working with @MOBIPIUM in late august 2019, and it was a hit we have grown with them with more than double digits every month since then, they have a great selection of mobile offers that have the best payout that you can’t find anywhere and my affiliate manager Manuel is a genius great...
  8. webmon

    I am Bill Fu ,would like to try push traffic and learn the skills

    Welcome Bill to the Afflift community, there are many great push networks here you can try @PropellerAds @Zeropark @AdMaven @Evadav @Rich_Push @DatsPush @Pushground @Advertizer ... Good luck :)
  9. webmon

    Follow Along Follow my journey with Monetizer

    Apollo thanks (y)
  10. webmon

    Follow Along Follow my journey with Monetizer

    Thanks for the reply @dood, I think the reason is because of some landers that can trigger phishing report from google (y)
  11. webmon

    Follow Along Follow my journey with Monetizer

    @zeodo I think when you begin running some big numbers with many landers and offers in the same domain, you will be flaged it's only a question of time :)
  12. webmon

    Follow Along Follow my journey with Monetizer

    thanks servandosilva hope we can grow more with Monetizer :)
  13. webmon

    Complete List of Country Tiers

    @Nick thanks for the share, this is awesome, but for (EG) Egypt and (DZ) Algeria are they on tier2 or tier 3 ?!
  14. webmon

    Follow Along Contest 2020 | PushSub Offer | Follow Along

    sarveshpandey89 i'm following this one, good luck :)
  15. webmon

    Is there a way to redirect traffic from an offer to another ?

    superwarrior like Nick said when the use click the link the already leaves your domaine, but if you want you can use a small javacsript code in order to open two tabs when user click the link offer, one of the offers will be in popunder, I think you can use somtehing like this using javascript ...