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Recent content by TORO Advertising

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  1. TORO Advertising

    8 Banner design tips to get more clicks

    Are you agree if we say that banner design is one of the most important aspects while you're creating a banner? The design of the banner is important because it is what catches the attention of the users regarding the campaign you are promoting. Thus, the creation of an appealing banner will...
  2. TORO Advertising

    How to write affiliate product reviews that convert

    Nine out of ten customers won’t make a purchase decision until they have checked out several reviews to see if the product meets not only their needs, but also if it is any good. Whether it is influencer recommendations, YouTube unboxing videos, written reviews for one product, or written...
  3. TORO Advertising

    Best practices to write a title for SEO in 2021?

    This is the ugly truth: if you are not among the top 10 results in Google, then your website is probably invisible on Google. To rank well in SERPs, you must optimize your page titles for search engines. SEO title optimization is an important factor that search engines use to determine the...
  4. TORO Advertising

    Tips to Maximize Mobile Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

    Mobile provides huge potential to boost sales and engagement. It allows you to leverage real-time location-based deals when buyers are near a shop, which enables you to unlock insights into key demographics, understand behavioral data, and track purchase clues. On the other hand, customers can...
  5. TORO Advertising

    Affbank team has nominated us!

    Thank you! :)
  6. TORO Advertising

    Affbank team has nominated us!

    Affbank is celebrating the third international online award “Affbank Awards 2021”. TORO Advertising team is extremely happy to be nominated for 3 awards, in which we have been working really hard. Thus, we would like to share with you our TOP financial offers here: 15532 Multiple GEOs - 3...
  7. TORO Advertising

    Utilities, VPN, and Antivirus

    Utilities, VPN, and Antivirus offers have been growing over the last few years. To date, these niches have become stronger because today software is everywhere and available to everyone. Everything works with software: mobile, apps, TV, computer, online entertainment, company management, bill...
  8. TORO Advertising

    10 things to consider when you’re choosing an Affiliate Network

    Complete offerwall. Dedicated and self-motivated AM’s. On-date payments. Competitive payouts. Easy setup and quick start. Tracking solutions. Reputation and transparency. Deep knowledge and wide experience within the global affiliate industry. Strong values to maximize revenue...
  9. TORO Advertising

    June Link Directory Contest - $500 in Prizes

    Thanks for the review!:)
  10. TORO Advertising

    Tips to make your subject lines engage

    💥Tip Friday!💥 Influencer Marketing Hub says, 90% of marketers report a measurable lift in business results, attributable to personalization, and 58% say that lift is greater than 10%. Tips to generate engaging subject lines: - Keep it short and clear: between 6 and 10 words. - Be personal and...
  11. TORO Advertising

    TikTokers might potentially be the next group of buyers from social media

    Agree? Let’s take a look! According to a survey of 1,400 social media users, 48% of respondents have made at least one social media purchase, and 67% have clicked on a social media ad and later made a purchase. Facebook was the favorite among social media platforms both for direct purchases and...
  12. TORO Advertising

    What is Marketing Automation used for?

    For those who don’t know yet what’s marketing automation, let’s provide a quick recap of one of the fastest-growing software industries: Marketing automation is a technology that was designed to help marketers to capture and prioritize the right leads and nurture them, strengthening customer...
  13. TORO Advertising

    Video ads are the future of digital advertising?

    Future? Nope, the video is here! Digital marketing evolves according to society's needs and interests. It’s a fact that people pay more attention to video content than text, so indeed, we are visual thinking customers empowered with skills that enable us to search, compare and purchase a product...
  14. TORO Advertising

    Meet us at Adworld!

    Hi Luke! It looks like people haven't bothered to pay more for the ticket this year as long as we noticed lots of people have attended the conference. Indeed, It surprised us with this considerable amount of participation, but we think it's great! Adworld is perfect for networking and growing...
  15. TORO Advertising

    Meet us at Adworld!

    Team TORO Advertising is excited to virtually attend #adworldconference. One of affiliate marketing's most anticipated events this year! Click to book a meeting! :) Did you guys attend the event before? Do you find it interesting and enjoyable?:unsure: