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Recent content by topspot

  1. topspot

    Follow Along Follow my journey with Monetizer

    Your LTV for your subscribers must be pretty high given your return on such a small subscriber list!
  2. topspot

    Landing Page Min. Content Requirement

    Yes Bing allow those types of landers just make sure you have your privacy policy link included in your footer links.
  3. topspot

    PPC CPA Course - Heard of / used this one?

    I know Jason and I promoted that course, he's the real deal and a good guy.
  4. topspot

    We open RichPops beta for testing and would love to get your feedback

    Just signed up, please send the promo code
  5. topspot

    Fraud Traffic and no pay for it

    That was sorted very quickly....the Monetizer network never ceases to impress me....
  6. topspot

    Are u able to login to bemob ?

    It's back up but data is missing which is bit of a bummer.
  7. topspot

    Are u able to login to bemob ?

    I was told to pause all campaigns while they carryout maintenance.
  8. topspot

    Megapush ol Megapush!!!!

    Heay @Taylor yeah I will be interested in your experience, I actually logged in the other day and noticed they have changed their interface but I didn't bother adding anymore funds after my previous bad experience with them.
  9. topspot

    Propellerads IS DOWN!!??

    It's just come through on their telegram that everything is now working again.
  10. topspot

    Follow Along Campaign Off to a Horrible Start

    I wouldn't target Instagram at first as it's a different beast to FB, it's like mixing in two different traffic sources into one campaign which usually isn't a good idea.
  11. topspot

    Propellerads IS DOWN!!??

    No it's not resolved, my campaigns aren't showing the conversions on their end, here is what their support said:- "I recommend not to launch any campaigns until we make an official announcement that situation is totally under control in our telegram channel. "
  12. topspot

    Did anyone get this email from Amazon s3 ?

    Yeah that looks correct.
  13. topspot

    Did anyone get this email from Amazon s3 ?

    No you don't want to touch that, scroll down to Public access
  14. topspot

    Did anyone get this email from Amazon s3 ?

    Yes I did about one of my buckets and I just changed the write options.
  15. topspot

    Favorite smartlink and why?

    Are you using Bemob by any chance Captndave? Last week I was back and fourth with Bemob and my mobipium AM trying to get the conversions to fire with no success, bemob said they would contact my AM on Monday to see about adding them to the tracker but I don't know if they have.