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Recent content by tomdanhel

  1. tomdanhel

    Optimizer script for Zeropark

    You can build anything as long as the traffic source allow to manage your campaigns via API.
  2. tomdanhel

    Optimizer script for Zeropark

    Hey, in the first function load_conf script is pulling from json file called 'zp-campaigns.json'. Create json file in text editor and name it zp-campaigns.json and make sure it sits in the same folder as the python file.. The format inside json is simple: [ {"campaign_id"...
  3. tomdanhel

    Optimizer script for Zeropark

    Just practice and google a lot :)
  4. tomdanhel

    Optimizer script for Zeropark

    No. It's just a piece of code that runs in the background and does what you tell it. There's no visual thing except information that you decide to print out to console. Like i said all it does is reading your campaigns data via api and sending action requests back to cut placements based on how...
  5. tomdanhel

    Optimizer script for Zeropark

    I am not sure it's possible to do a "quick article" as it's bit difficult to explain everything. If you have a Python developer then you can simply pass the code to him and he will be able to read and explain as it's really simple script. It basically just sends API request to ZP and checks...
  6. tomdanhel

    Question about when to optimize a source

    I am with Servando on running RON campaign and continuously cutting segments that don't work. This works great on DSPs, since after couple days of filtering poor segments, you can start biddin up and open higher quality placements without losing much. If in your scenario running RON and...
  7. tomdanhel

    Question about "Survey Traffic"

    I can be wrong, but my understanding survey traffic is similar to incentive traffic. Basically as a reward of completing survey user gets exclusive access to an offer. Often times quality of this traffic is not great so advertisers don't want it. Again, i could be wrong.
  8. tomdanhel

    Optimizer script for Zeropark

    I have a script i wrote in Python that automanages my ZP campaigns. It's a simple RBO that you can customize. You just need a JSON file with list of your campaigns > [{"campaign_id": "xxxx"}] It's probably poorly written as I only learned Python couple weeks ago, but it works :) Feel free to...
  9. tomdanhel

    Guide "Best Of" affLIFT - MEGA Thread

    Massive!!! Well done.
  10. tomdanhel

    Question about Propellerads user activity

    Best is to collect data and optimize each UA separately, but from my experience, if zone perform well on one activity it generally works on other activities as well and vice versa.
  11. tomdanhel

    How do u guys deal with unknown variable?

    Google "IP Tracker" and use any from the search results
  12. tomdanhel

    How do u guys deal with unknown variable?

    I am afraid there's not much you can do. Unknown geo data is pretty common thing since ISPs keep changing IP ranges and databases are not updated as often as they should. You can try the followin: compare your unknown location data with other metrics to see if you can spot relation between...
  13. tomdanhel

    How do u guys deal with unknown variable?

    Often times trackers do not recognize location of the user as ip lookup fails to return information from the database. This happens a lot in tier 2/3 geos mostly for visitors that live in the middle of nowhere. I generally categorize all unknown location traffic as countryside :)
  14. tomdanhel

    LP Slow Speed Analysis

    On a different note, can anybody tell me whether it's recommended to use prefetching, preloading or prebrowsing?
  15. tomdanhel

    Campaign Optimizations: Landing Page Or Ad Copy

    I personally don't believe that creative CTR means much. You can get high CTR but low conversion rate or low CTR and high conversion rate. It all depends on your offer flow and whether it works better with high volume or high quality. With regards to CR, again it's not a variable that i would...