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    Case Study $100 with audio app KoeKome and free traffic from BAS

    I just had a flashback reading blackhat forum posts back in 2010
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    Guide Your Offer Payout Doesn’t Mean S#!&

    Great post. Recently I was running $0.15 offer in a fairly high volume geo and it was converting great. Later I noticed that the same exact offer showed up on another network with a whopping $0.60 payout. I thought that maybe their pixel is firing at some later stage so was expecting lower CR...
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    Killing overspending

    This ^^ - just make sure to check the documentation and rate limits as some APIs allow very limited amount of requests you can send per minute.
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    How to withdraw from CJ

    For revenue generated in June, they process it in July and you will get paid in August. At least that's what it used to be back then.
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    July PropellerAds Codes are HERE

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    How do I create an "Index of /" (like exemplified in the screenshot below)?

    I am sure there are other options available, but Vultr has $5/m LAMP ready Ubuntu servers available. After deploying the server, it should be as simple as migrating that php file to your new server and then pointing to your file in your campaigns. I would suggest to have some tech person to do...
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    Which Trackers are the Best?

    Dwight: I am going to begin this process with a simple test of intelligence and mental dexterity. What is the best color? Andy: White, because it contains all other colors. Dwight: Wrong. Black. It is the most dominant. -- ..on a serious note, each tracker has its pros and cons. All of them...
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    Bulk editing scripts in lots of landing pages

    Visual Studio Code, install SSH extension, connect to server, select parent folder where all your landers sit, search and replace folder, update links
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    Follow Along Propeller Ads With Pin Submit Offer 💀 "#PA10k"

    I get that. I was more baffled why would he target OS 4 > 7 by excluding only 12. Those old system won't even render the offer page properly.
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    Follow Along Propeller Ads With Pin Submit Offer 💀 "#PA10k"

    Why exclude Android 12 only? You might be wasting lot of money on low OSs since these systems won't support those offers. Also, it might be best to split Facebook and Chrome browser since they have massive difference in pricing.
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    What to do with a green CPA campaign?

    Move it to another traffic source.
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    Mystery problem + 100$ prize for the one who will solve it

    It looks like you have been blacklisted from those placement.
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    What Is Your Recommended LP Builder?

    Thanks to @Nick and his suggestion on using Netlify made me dig deeper to learn more about Jamstack and static site generators. I don't know why but I decided to learn HUGO and instantly fell in love with this framework. I have created couple templates and connected it with Netlify CMS, so now I...
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    Guide Host Your Landing Pages for Free (w/CDN) in 10 Minutes

    This looks like an issue with your code, broken links maybe? I am using Netlify and Propush and have no issues whatsoever.
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    Guide Automatically Record PropellerAds Spend to Google Sheets Daily, like Clockwork

    I ran the request manually and noticed that it pulls the metric from the last hour, or the first object found in the response body. Ok, I think i found the issue :) First: the group_by "hour" is only supported in the old request, it needs to be changed to "date_time" instead Second: to get the...