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Recent content by tomdanhel

  1. tomdanhel

    Is the CTR on landers affecting when collecting subs for Monitizer

    Very little data @Luke. It looks like users coming to your lander with PP were more interested to see what's behind it.
  2. tomdanhel

    Solid CPA Model Ad Network

    They don't have pure CPA model unless your AM reaches out and offer it to you. It's usually a campaign that you already ran with them and they're confident that the CPA is strong enough to make them money.
  3. tomdanhel

    Does anyone know how to run golden goose campaigns in PopAds

    The CIDR ranges you collected are IPv6 and Popads is asking for IPv4 so that won't work. As it seems that the offer accepts all carriers and wifi, I would ignore the IP addresses If I were you and just launch the campaign.
  4. tomdanhel

    How to add IP range/CIDR from Golden Goose to PopAds campaign

    Use CIDR format https://www.ipaddressguide.com/cidr So for example if you have range like this - it translates as in a CIDR format. If GG is already providing CIDR format then you can simply add it to popads separated by comma.
  5. tomdanhel

    Tips on Coming Up With Great Headlines For Push Campaigns?

    Use of power words is never a bad thing :) https://sumo.com/stories/power-words
  6. tomdanhel

    Resolving Web Id's in LP. Is it possible?

    Do you mean website id token? If so, you can just add this token to your list of Popads tokens in Binom to make sure this parameter is included in the final campaign url that you provide to Popads when creating campaign.
  7. tomdanhel

    Including Viral Sharing in Sweepstakes Ads?

    Haha. These have been around for a while and they can turn your $10 day profit campaign into $10k+ day if you can use it correctly. There is no particular flow behind this lander as its only goal is to generate free clicks via whatsapp shares, so you can put any offers behind it (don't need to...
  8. tomdanhel

    Finding the right offer !!

    Haha, is that your GTM id?
  9. tomdanhel

    Bidding a low CPM can kill you

    You're missing the point. I said in the original post that the way is to incrementally increase bid while simultaneously killing bot traffic when running on lower bids. Increasing your bid open doors to better placements overtime, but you will no longer worry to pay premium for bot traffic.
  10. tomdanhel

    Bidding a low CPM can kill you

    Bid doesn't really matter. It depends on the traffic source and quality of placements. More placements there are to target higher the chance that many of them will be bad apples. Best is to pay attention to the initial flow of traffic and if you see high % of bots coming from a placement, cut...
  11. tomdanhel

    Bidding a low CPM can kill you

    Great post and I completely agree. I would just like to add that when you buying in geos that have lots of volume, I would generally prefer to go the other way and underbid for the first few hours to catch as many bots and proxies as possible. Geos with lots of volume have always a lot of...
  12. tomdanhel

    optimize campaign

    If you know the offer is working and your setup is correct, you can always set your primary goal your landing CTR and focus on advertising segments where people engage with your lander and click through to visit the offer page. You can ditch segments (zones, osversions, browsers) that do not...
  13. tomdanhel

    How To Write Best Ad Copies

    Advertising is 'not' different than it was 100 years ago. How to write good ad copy is simply use of power words and implementation of what people need (not want). I would suggest to read the following books: C Hopkins: Scientific Advertising W Whitman: Cashvertising J Sugraman: Adweek D...
  14. tomdanhel

    Marketers that can code! Where or how did you learn?

    I learned core HTML & VBA when i was in high school as it was a mandatory subject. Later i learned the rest just by Googling. I personally think the better skill is know how to Google stuff than code since you can find and copy any code you need.
  15. tomdanhel

    How to fix a rejected campaigns on Advertizer?

    I don't use BeMob but according to this article https://docs.bemob.com/en/campaigns-general you can create advanced flows. In your case create flow with rules such as geo IS south africa, device IS mobile for your offer and then add a smartlink or any other offer as fallback.