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Recent content by theredcentre

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    Landing Page Ripper on PureLander

    @Tyoussef I just finished watching tutorials inside Purelander membership area.... now hosting my landers on AWS, they're loading faster than my business grade hosting, it almost criminal!!
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    Comment by 'theredcentre' in article 'PureLander Affiliate Landing Page Builder'

    I am SOLD, purelander makes making pre-lander stupidly simple.... been doing it the hard way for too long!! I no longer need to play with codes ever!
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    Follow Along PropellerAds + Anstrex + PeerClick + Crypto Offer

    That maybe a good explanation for a sudden stop of conversions ;) it makes sense now... Thank you so much Daniel
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    Follow Along PropellerAds + Anstrex + PeerClick + Crypto Offer

    Oh! I thought I had a problem because had a converting offer (Mobile push), was breaking even on popcash then identified the source with conversions and paused the rest. 24hours of great conversions the 0 conversions afterwards, had to pause the campaign.