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Recent content by sheeperman

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    Vietnam and Indonesia Traffic Needed

    Please pm me your website or sign-up links. thanks.
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    Campaign budget

    @servandosilva appreciate for detail answer. for me the hardest part is mindset to losing money to buy data. when u have some profit that u will test more and cost more.. it's a long process for mind.
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    Campaign budget

    Hi @servandosilva 10 dollars will it including different types of traffic ? because i really confused with budget setting , for me it's 3 days without conversion stop. and cut 1xpayout for placement. don't know that's correct or not.
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    🔥 All Your Landing Problems End Here🔥 🤑

    Could you send me skype as well , Pls. Thank you
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    Best place to monetize unsold push traffic?

    @snotb4ll do you have mobile sub page available ? i could buy it if you have. have hard time finding good one. Thanks
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    Official LanderBolt - Landing Page Builder

    Very details reply. i will try your product soon. Thanks.
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    Official LanderBolt - Landing Page Builder

    Do you guys have enough pre-sell page template ? have trial ? what's your advantage compare to leadpage and other website builder platform ? Cheers.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    Guess they r out-source tech team. they why delay so much. hope you got your problem solve and have a good one.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    Hi About my experienced with Propellerad , they have very slow tech team to solve the problem and chaos customer service. i ask them like fix problem about abnormal clicks and they r taking forever to fix your problem.
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    Follow Along ZeroPark + Bemob + Push Smartlink

    A/B/n split test significance calculator | House of Kaizen Check this one to see if your data reach significance.
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    Your Experience With Dr.Cash?

    I did tried them few times the result is very bad compare to other network. low approval rate.. ( maybe it's call center problem ? ) but mostly i promote tier2 ( maybe that's the reason ? )
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    They have some quality traffic for sure. but customer service is bad Maybe @PropellerAds should have some explanation for this thread?
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    Case Study How much bot traffic can we find in PPV?

    Appreciate the testing, that’s why PPV traffic keep me wondering about bot traffic, I got most of successful cases on push and native but not on PPV, it will be lovely to see the testing outcome. Great share.
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    Guide Share about How i feel about push traffic.

    Gaming - DOI Offers . but the offer already paused.