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Recent content by sheeperman

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    Official High CR . Newbie friendly offers !

    how should i setup postback pls ?
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    Pushground's Native Ads

    what's the top geos for your native ads platform and impression volume ?
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    PropellerAds to Remove Native Ads

    yeah but their native have great quality. it's sad to see them go.
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    Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation

    It's tricky sometimes if you are dealing with FB. kind of annoying to me too.
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    Push campaigns dying fast?

    as far as i know , major push traffic have this function that like FB pixel they provide you pixel and u could put in landing pages. function called " Audience " @PropellerAds have that.
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    Push campaigns dying fast?

    Hey hope you are doing fine lately ! , just wanna said i used to like you. push traffic is kind of blind type of traffic. but it collect from kinds of website ! So the suggestion i could give you is don't give up just yet until you build up W/B list of source and even build your own audience so...
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    Follow Along Push Traffic + Dating RevShare Offer

    Great result @Luke ! To see if dating on push could run in long-term. i have finance verticals actually run for over 4 months use pretty much same way as you. i turn cpa campaigns to revenue share stream in a long way.
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    U LIVE affiliate program — earn by bringing users to the interactive video chat

    interesting , i wanna know as well. if you guys accept conversion tracking like postback ?
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    Giveaway 💰 $4,700+ in Prizes 😲 Reply to participate

    THIS IS MY ENTRY I would like to win 1 Adcash $100 ad credit ($100 value) (@Adcash) tried with them before! good quality traffic. hope to win this one !!! best wishes to all guys. ====================== Thanks Luke and happy birthday to afflift.
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    coding problem

    problem fixed. ~ cheers guys!
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    coding problem

    Thanks @Nick here are my landing page. https://12321321321.greatgamefirst.com/2/
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    coding problem

    code: <div id="i86di" class="btns-container-main"> <div id="nb" class="btns-container-main2"> <a data-gjs-type="link" href="https://google.com.tw" id="outlink"><div data-gjs-type="text" id="izd2v" class="next_button"> i have above coding somehow can't make...
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    FTC sued John Chow for $3,350,000

    well , i don't even know what's that...
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    Follow Along Red Border = Higher CTR?

    i use circle on the push as well. thinking it work same way as red border.
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    Link Directory Contest - $500 in Prizes

    review on @Adcombo