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White Label DSP
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    PeerFly has Shut Down

    Thanks for the update Luke.
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    FPTraffic v2

    Thanks, I know a lady who should be interested.
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    FPTraffic v2

    Are beta testers still needed?
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    Campaign next week. Need your thoughts.

    Thanks for the heads up. Signed up with them just last week.
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    Follow Along Tonic + Voluum + Peerfly

    Thanks for the tip Luke.
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    Follow Along Tonic + Voluum + Peerfly

    Yesterday, I took the plunge and launched a campaign using Tonic with an install offer. Below are my initial results: I paused the campaign since noticing that all conversions came from a particular browser version. Tonic cannot target particular browser versions so I will use another...
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    Hey there

    Hi guys, My name is Paul and I've decided this year to transition to affiliate marketing full time. I'm new but hopefully I can help persons in the forum.
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    The BEST keyword to target (when you are allowed to)

    I've signed up with them but never ran any traffic, interested in seeing why Luke got his account suspended.
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    The BEST keyword to target (when you are allowed to)

    Does CJ actually pay affiliates? I've seen several negative reviews saying otherwise.