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Recent content by richmandos

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    Finally, a good month to end 2020. $1k profit.

    Hi, what exactly do you mean by "too much stuff" are they offers, targets, traffic sources or something else? I think I'm having a similar issue. I wonder how you decided on which parts of the test to cut out in order to not test too much at once. Thanks
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    Guide Finding Opportunities on Mobidea (and running it on PropellerAds)

    Many most revenue countries have browser/os which are "Other" or "unkown". What's this, how do you think?
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    Thanks, @Luke, which traffic sources would you recommend for iGaming? Push/pop?
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    Ecom networks?

    thanks a lot! Applied to giddyup and a4d like 2 weeks ago, still no reply though:/ will try other ones. Thanks again
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    Ecom networks?

    Hi, I'm looking for best ecom aff networks, preferrably many ecom niches and lots of offers +helpful AMs. Any sugesstions are welcome! Thanks
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    What is a smartlink and what does it do ?

    I am trying it out next few days, will update
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    My 2 cents. Please note, due to the nature of smart links it's really hard to make smart links profitable since you can't control the payouts and they change constantly. Sometimes they are good, other times they drop, and what worked sometime before doesn't work again. It's volatile. But for...
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    Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

    Hi, does bidding lower on popads mean lower qualittly traffic? Thanks
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    Hi, i think you should not look only at offer level report or country level report separetly, but look at a drilldown report like country >offer. I suggest u make a report that drills down in the following order: Hour of day> country > offer. this way you will see more complete data and hourly...
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    Hi, I'm Richmandos

    Hi, thanks for the welcome :) I was thinking the same, after finishing Luke's guide will either go ecom, or nutra offers since this seems to be relevant these days. I wonder what traffic works for ecom best these days, do you have any suggestions for me to try? Appreciate it!
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    Hi, @Luke . Is it possible to buy traffic evenly from popads for this? I think it would make sense to spread the ad spend evenly throughout the day to get more accurate data regarding which geos perform better, rather than spend it in 10minutes and get conversions from geos that are not sleeping...
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    Hi, I'm Richmandos

    1. We use everything the same as in old/banned account with no problems. Please note, we don't do anything blackhat that would get our Business manager(BM)/company banned. We create new BMs only when we reach ad account limit in the old BMs. 2. We use the same company info in all business...
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    Hi, I'm Richmandos

    Thanks, nice to meet you! At the moment we have 3 business managers with maxed out ad accounts in 2/3 of them:) whenever an account gets banned, just make a new one in the new business manager and copy everything from the old one with a few clicks.
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    Hi, I'm Richmandos

    Greetings, friends. I am Richmandos, from Lithuania Having ~6 years of experience in digital marketing, I have done many different things in the field - the main monetization way was mostly dropshipping and lately I've been doing some client work for an agency spending ~ 100k euro monthly in...
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    Collecting Emails On Push

    Awesome results, congrats! Do you use an email sequence to convert your email lists, how do your emails look? Have you been testing and optimizing your email sequence/solo letters as well in terms of CTR's and conversion rates?