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Recent content by Paddyj1888

  1. Paddyj1888

    Case Study $57,141 in 11 Weeks with Pay Per Call

    Man, this is honestly SO inspiring! Well done @Nick :) We are running pay per call offers via MarketCall (sorry, minor plug :) for 2 flight offers on our lead gen landing pages as a secondary source of income and its doing well. Averaging a 20% conversion on calls generated to converted calls...
  2. Paddyj1888

    Pay Per Call Via Push Notification Traffic

    Thanks Karolina, this is an amazing opportunity to scale campaigns. I'll add some funds and get cracking!
  3. Paddyj1888

    Pay Per Call Via Push Notification Traffic

    Thanks Luke! I must have gotten too excited about push notifications 💰 Re-edited for pay per call
  4. Paddyj1888

    Pay Per Call Via Push Notification Traffic

    Like most of us we are really excited about push notification traffic and the margin it brings. We have trialled CPI/CPC/CPA offers across a few push platforms with success but are currently looking into platforms that allow pay per call campaigns. Megapu.sh - as far as i know - is the only one...
  5. Paddyj1888

    Finding any affiliate network for app offers

    We ran a couple of CPI campaigns on billymob.com for tier 3 and it worked well with push notification traffic - the issue is that some CPI offers have a shelf life.