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Recent content by Pablo T

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  1. Pablo T

    Golden Goose Follow Along Contest - $3,000 in Prizes!

    Got the t-shirt this week. It's very nice, thanks!
  2. Pablo T

    Does anyone know how to run golden goose campaigns in PopAds

    I haven't used the CIDR addresses. Have you tried only chosing the mobile carriers and not selecting IP ranges?
  3. Pablo T

    Step 6 - Setting up MOBIPIUM Push Smartlink Offers in BeMob

    A smartlink is an algorithm that selects the best offer of the affiliate network to show to a specific traffic placement (Geo, OS, device, etc.) using only one URL link. You can promote that smartlink with any kind of traffic. Free traffic, pops, push, native, Google, Facebook, whatever you...
  4. Pablo T

    Follow Along Golden🐥Goose vs Propeller🚀CPA (Operation👕T-Shirt)

    I'm looking forward to this! That's one of my favorite threads in Afflift.
  5. Pablo T

    Case Study "Some Advice (For Beginners) Based On The First Steps I Took To Reach $XX,XXX/mo" - DEADZ

    I asked for access, was contacted by a manager, talked to her, and got it. It took a long time, though.
  6. Pablo T

    Follow Along My first follow along Dating campaign PPV

    It's better to separate these campaigns because traffic costs, user interaction, and conversion rates between them are very different. You always want to separate placements that have very dissimilar bidding behavior into different campaigns to have more control when optimizing.
  7. Pablo T

    What affiliate network denied you?

    Maxbounty was the hardest to get in because it was my first. Besides, it's the only one that has interviewed me by phone.
  8. Pablo T

    Follow Along Casino + CD/Gotzha + Propeller Ads - Follow Along

    This is such a great FA! Great job, @Mysiddharth
  9. Pablo T

    Golden Goose Follow Along Contest - $3,000 in Prizes!

    Prize received. Thanks @Luke and @MrGoose Congratulations to @noisyboy
  10. Pablo T

    Earn a Million Plus: The Little Known High-Income Occupation of Media Buyer

    Downloaded. Awesome share! Thanks!
  11. Pablo T

    Optimizing a Push Campaign

    This post has been the most important to me! :) I've been reading, asking, and returning to this post several times after I finished studying the whole course. Thanks @Nick, for all the detailed answers.
  12. Pablo T

    Optimizing a Push Campaign

    @Nick when you make changes to creatives, landing pages, and offers, I realize the sample changes and it will affect the conclusions about the population it tries to describe. But wouldn't that happen again when you start optimizing other placements like devices, targets, sources, connection...
  13. Pablo T

    Tiktok or Snapchat?

    From Google Trends, Worldwide, last 12 months