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Recent content by Nick

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  1. Nick

    Follow Along Survey Pops Intermediate Guide - Zero to Hero (MKII)

    Awesome. Glad to see a follow along with another tracker + detailed screenshots of how to set everything up!
  2. Nick

    testing phase

    It's probably going to be difficult to bring this to profitability with enough volume to make it worth it. Right now you're at -73.5% ROI. Generally, I kill campaigns with worse than -70% ROI after the test phase. However... ... If this is the case then continue, but test other landers/ads...
  3. Nick

    Step 9 - Create Your PropellerAds Campaigns

    It's just an example to show how to set these offers up. The GEO used in the next step isn't the USA. Yes. You can enter multiple GEOs in the Countries box if the payouts are the same, or you can click Add another country rate and set an individual bid for each country. I'd advise against...
  4. Nick

    Step 6 - Add BeMob Postback to Zeydoo

    There are occasional instances where there are issues with the secure URL (no idea why), so that's why I didn't use the secure URL.
  5. Nick

    Step 5 - Setting Up Zeydoo Survey Offers in BeMob

    I would ignore it if you’re going to use landers as I show in this course.
  6. Nick

    START HERE - Survey Pops - The Intermediate Guide

    I recommend that you make landers, but some people direct link these offers.
  7. Nick

    Back button redirect to another offer

    In your back button campaign you can send traffic wherever you want, like to a smartlink. :D
  8. Nick

    Back button redirect to another offer

    So what I'd suggest doing is making a separate back button campaign + traffic source in your tracker like you will find here: https://afflift.com/f/threads/tracking-additional-monetization-scripts-back-button-timed-redirect-etc.5121/ Then, in the original campaign you can trigger events...
  9. Nick

    Back button redirect to another offer

    What have you tried so far and what brought you to that conclusion?
  10. Nick

    Are you pissed off with your tracker? - Switch to PEERCLICK

    I know… :ROFLMAO:
  11. Nick

    Follow Along My trip to $ 2-5 a day profit - The Intermediate Guide (30 days adventure)💪🤭

    You can try increasing your bid. If that doesn’t help the GEOs you’re in might be too competitive.
  12. Nick

    Step 10 - Campaign Optimization

    You cut out the segments that aren't working. I like to do this very slow to have maximum volume in the end. For example, say offer 1 has -70% ROI, but offer 2 has -30% ROI (with a good amount of conversions!). You'd cut offer 1 in your duplicated campaign and the eCPM is going to be higher...
  13. Nick

    Follow Along My trip to $ 2-5 a day profit - The Intermediate Guide (30 days adventure)💪🤭

    Are you making changes in the running campaigns or are you duplicating the campaigns after you make these changes? It seems like you're doing the former, but really you want to do the latter. After you remove something that is dragging your eCPM down, you need to duplicate to reset the algorithm...
  14. Nick

    Step 7 - Add Landing Pages to BeMob

    The "final" offers always rotate various CPA offers. You shouldn't care about the final offer though because you just need them to complete the survey offer, which doesn't require them to enter any data at all. :D
  15. Nick

    Step 5 - Setting Up Zeydoo Survey Offers in BeMob

    The offer pages translate to any of those languages listed based on the browser language. If yours is set to English that's what you'll get. I believe that it translates to English if the language of the browser isn't supported. I would suggest making 1 campaign per country unless you're...