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Recent content by Nick

  1. Nick

    Im back again and hello to everyone

    Welcome back @alvaro. You’ve missed a lot of good discussions while you were gone, but lucky for you there’s this thread with some of the best threads published in the last couple years: https://afflift.com/f/threads/best-of-afflift-mega-thread.5811/
  2. Nick

    AWS/ Hosting questions!

    This will mostly be good enough: https://afflift.com/f/threads/how-to-optimize-lander-images-for-free-in-5-seconds.2536/ Also resize the images to approximately the max size you need in your landing page before compressing them. For example, don’t have 2000 x 2000 images if you only need them...
  3. Nick

    GOOGLE ADS - LOW CTR from my review post/blog to affiliate offers or product

    Both. Initially I spend a lot of time finding negative keywords... basically keyword research but instead of looking for good keywords you’re looking for bad ones... free, cheap, etc. What exactly obviously depends what you’re advertising. Here’s a good site to get you started...
  4. Nick

    why so much click loss???

    How many unique visits do you have? What GEO? Here is a bunch of information about click loss: https://afflift.com/f/threads/the-ultimate-guide-to-clickloss.3747/
  5. Nick

    GOOGLE ADS - LOW CTR from my review post/blog to affiliate offers or product

    With search you don't need much data to see you're getting untargeted traffic in the search terms report. Using broad with no negative keywords list is pretty much the equilivant of opening your wallet upsidedown above the toilet. Definitely use a negative keywords list (even with phrase)...
  6. Nick

    GOOGLE ADS - LOW CTR from my review post/blog to affiliate offers or product

    Have you looked at the search terms report? This will show you (for the most part) exactly what the user typed it to click on your ad. Also, are you using negative keywords? What keyword match type are you using?
  7. Nick

    Guide "Best Of" affLIFT - MEGA Thread

    Automation After you’ve got many campaigns under your belt you may find yourself doing some things repetitively. Why not automate some of it so you can have some extra time? Here are some of posts related to automation to help you get some ideas for yourself...
  8. Nick

    Guide "Best Of" affLIFT - MEGA Thread

    As a new affiliate figuring out how to run profitable campaigns can be a real challenge. There’s so much information available online, but one of the biggest problems with this is that there might be too much information, which leads to information overload, shiny object syndrome, etc. The good...
  9. Nick

    How I Customize my Binom Dashboard to Boost My Performance 1673%

    Can you give some hints about what’s in store? :D
  10. Nick

    Guide Launch your own PropellerAds (and other sources) optimizer starting from $5/month

    Yeah of course :cool: Any computer is basically the same as a server but with different software(s) installed. Using your computer obviously it had to be on. The benefit of a server is it that the script could run when you’re sleeping.
  11. Nick

    I dont like Monday- Domain Karma

    I see. Was it your tracker domains or your landing page domains? Or maybe both?
  12. Nick

    I dont like Monday- Domain Karma

    Are most campaigns in a certain GEO? There are a few GEOs where domains get banned faster than you can launch a campaign.
  13. Nick

    Guide MEGA Thread of Useful Landing Page Scripts

    Is there a particular reason you don't want to just pass the user location your tracker detects to your landing page?
  14. Nick

    Follow Along Zeropark push - iPhone 11- South Africa (my first campaign 💪)

    Make sure to user your tracker's click URL on your landing page CTA button. For BeMob it should look something like this: http://12345.bemobtrk.com/click I'm not sure where those GG clicks came from, but it doesn't seem your landing page is correctly setup since BeMob reports 0 clicks. IF...
  15. Nick

    Follow Along Zeropark push - iPhone 11- South Africa (my first campaign 💪)

    From what I see your landing page seems to not function correctly, as it has 0% CTR. You’ll want to figure that out first and once it’s fixed try again with a new campaign.