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Recent content by Nick

  1. Nick

    Follow Along A newbie journey from 0 to 3 figure

    Yes, if you add the sw.js in the root of the bucket then it will work for any lander in that bucket. Yes, you will have to add it for each bucket. A bucket is basically a server for each domain. Did you clear the Cloudfront cache after changing the sw.js location? Edit: I just tested your...
  2. Nick

    How Advanced Is Bot Traffic?

    Bots these days are much more advanced than what you'll read about. They can definitely click links, execute javascript, and fill in forms. Some are advanced enough to be essentially undetectable, but no service that sells bot detection will tell you that.
  3. Nick

    How to cancel subscription?

    What are you even talking about? @Luke is currently on a vacation, but he is checking the forum from time to time. He will resolve the issue; there's no need to get a new credit card... Even if you do get charged Luke will have no problem with issuing a refund.
  4. Nick

    Best Tracker to start with?

    Kintura, BeMob, CPVLab and Peerclick all have free plans :) Which one you should pick I guess depends on your requirements. For example: Not sure what data you're referring to, but do you even need whatever data is 'limited'? Kintura has the most generous free plan with 1 million events...
  5. Nick

    Guide Better Way to Write a Javascript Date... Welcome to 2020

    It sounds like you don't have an HTML element with the ID "date".
  6. Nick

    Anyone who can setup email server?

    I believe @kostas77 offers a service like this. Not sure if he still does it or not.
  7. Nick

    Fraudulent Traffic

    Unfortunately... Profits > Everything Rare these days to find a business or person with actual morals... 🤷‍♂️ I hope you get this sorted out. If not everyone needs to know what traffic source this is. :D
  8. Nick

    Java Script for monetizer push collector

    It sounds like these postbacks that are throwing errors contain clickIDs from other trackers if you’ve used this same Monetizer account with other trackers in the past.
  9. Nick

    Fraudulent Traffic

    Very interesting. Since the traffic source themselves determined 40% of the traffic is fraudulent you should at least be getting a 40% refund... no questions asked.
  10. Nick

    Need a reffer of H8M8.com

  11. Nick

    Java Script for monetizer push collector

    Did you previously generate Monetizer push subs... perhaps using a different tracker before Kintura?
  12. Nick

    Using Same Vultr Account to Host Landers And Binom Tracker

    You're most likely going to want to have your landing pages and tracker hosted on different servers. You don't want traffic spikes to your landing pages affecting your tracker performance and visa versa. Having 2 servers will likely be paid for under the same Vultr account... so I guess it's on...
  13. Nick

    Let's dicuss about landing page

    Multiple millions of visitors per month. I don’t know the exact number and it probably varies depending on the landers you’re serving. Probably just cents. Definitely less than $1 per month. I actually have a new tool that I might share next month that’s completely free forever for 100gb data...
  14. Nick

    Analytics For Better Landing Pages

    Google stuff like “website user behavior tracking”, “hotjar alternatives”, “crazyegg alternatives”, “website heat map tools”, etc. Here’s a post I found with quite a few options: https://lemarbet.com/en/seo-instrumenty/16-heatmap/
  15. Nick

    Analytics For Better Landing Pages

    Hotjar and crazyegg are first that come to mind. Kind of pricy but there are many alternatives to tools like these.