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Recent content by Mr.bisto

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    Free Lead Magnet Generator

    Great news i’ll check it now. Thanks
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    Step 14 - Success / Failure Stories

    I have the same request to Luke, we would like to see more guides with more different offers and traffic sources, and how to optimize our own landing pages.
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    Step 9 - Setup PopAds Postback in BeMob

    Thank you so much Luke that was very to the point tutorial. I’m excited to see my analytics once my compain bein approved
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    Step 6 - Setting up MOBIPIUM Push Smartlink Offers in BeMob

    thanks luke it remembers me when you tou explained smartlinks for PeerFly. You are the man
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    Step 3 - Setup BeMob Account

    hi community, i have a mobipium account approved and i am registered with bemob, but popads reject my deposit i don't know why !!! i contacted them yesterday i'm waiting for their feedback, hope that will not end here for me. I can't wait to start my first compagine and share results with you to...
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    Step 1 - Apply for MOBIPIUM

    Ooo damne, i’ve ansewed No i’m affiliate. What should i do now Luke ?
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    Step 1 - Apply for MOBIPIUM

    Hello, I registered yesterday and one of your team sent me an email asking me some questions, i replied and i’m waiting to be approved. Hope everything’s Okey. thanks
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    Hello Afflift Family

    Thanks, actually i’m trying to learn the pop traffic since i’m a beginner then of course i’m willing to learn some other traffic types i could find in the forum.
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    Hello Afflift Family

    Thanks ChrisBa, i hope one day i will be like one of you here at this lovely forum « real Cpa Marketer » ;)
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    Hello Afflift Family

    Thank you mate, Yes i did, and i’m waiting to be approved with Mobipium
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    START HERE - Pops Guide - The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    that sounds a great guide to not miss for beginners like me
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    Hello Afflift Family

    Hello every body l’m a new member to afflift and l’m also a real beginner in the making money industry but i have a hunger to learn and work hard to achieve my goals and why not a financial freedom like thousands of people around the world. So let’s make some money with Luke on afflift ;)