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Recent content by Millie

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    Help with Bidding in ZeroPark please

    I'm running a campaign and I have a number of transactions that look like this. Low win ratio and high ROI, meaning if I increase my bid I could potentially buy more traffic while remaining profitable. So I'm trying to decide what to bid. My question is, how can my average cost be 0.0003...
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    Evadav Push Notification Lps Conversion decreased ?

    @akahma, how do you display the page showing the conversion rate on the widget?
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    PropellerAds Traffic Chart Doesn't Add Up

    I've been looking at the @PropellerAds Traffic Chart for OnClick, mobile, Android, but the numbers don't add up. For example, Poland Total: 481,921 3G: 48,275 Wifi: 23 Egypt Total: 4,031,649 3G: 509,624 Wifi: 1,024,514 United States Total: 3,433,626 3G: 282,716 Wifi: 291,540...
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    Guide Setting Up Tracking For Evadav CPA

    Big thanks to @sushiparlour who helped me with my tracking. Revenue's coming through now.
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    Guide Setting Up Tracking For Evadav CPA

    @sushiparlour, got the book, thanks. I've also sent you a PM.
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    Follow Along PPV v EVADAV Push Subscriber Offer (& More) ⚡🚀

    Looking forward to following this.
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    Guide Setting Up Tracking For Evadav CPA

    @sushiparlour, I've added my postback url, https://mydomain.com/click.php?cnv_id={click_id}&payout={cpa_cost}, to both the Postback link field in the Evadav widgets and the Postback url field in the affiliate network setup in Binom. I've sent more traffic, but the revenue is still not showing...
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    Guide Setting Up Tracking For Evadav CPA

    No need to feel shame @sushiparlour. Picking up on the omission made me feel like I was actually learning this stuff! I'd love a copy of your ebook, thanks. I've sent you a PM.
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    Guide Setting Up Tracking For Evadav CPA

    Thanks for the guide @sushiparlour. I set up my first campaign today and got some conversions. Unfortunately the revenue isn't being passed back to my tracker, Binom. Do I need to add payout=Macro to my postback url? If so, what is the macro? Does this get added to the postback url in Binom...
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    Follow Along EvaDav Push CPA + PopAds

    Wow! That's worth knowing, thanks. So would you say that unless you ask for adult offers to be blocked, it's best to just send adult traffic to the offers? Surely the industry players must know that this is the case. So wouldn't a traffic company simply decline my campaign unless I had...
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    Follow Along EvaDav Push CPA + PopAds

    @Luke, Your initial offers included an 18+ offer amongst mainstream offers. Was your initial PopAds traffic both mainstream and adult? Is it OK to send mainstream traffic to adult offers or is this frowned upon by the networks? Can you prevent the mainstream traffic from seeing the adult offer...
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    My First Year in the Business (Reflecting on My Journey So Far)

    When you say "making" do you mean revenue or profit? I think of it as profit but $75 for 180 days (ish) is $13,500. If your annual income was $4,000, that's a hell of a lot of costs! What tools are you using? Any mentorship programmes you belong to? Or are you referring to revenue? Good luck...
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    Conversion Capping Now in Zeropark!

    Look forward to the day when I need conversion capping!!! Jokes aside, great feature. Thanks.
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    PropellerAds: CPA Goal 2.0 webinar

    Brilliant! Thanks a lot @renadoha @akahma