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Recent content by meannn

  1. meannn

    Between $3000 and $8000 profit a month with Sweepstakes & Facebook Ads

    Well showing stats does not make any sense. At least you can suggest the type of the ad that works best for you, or some tips, which might help a lot for everyone here. For example; Are you cloaking your landing page ? (lets say fb doesnt allow but somehow you hide it from them?) Are you...
  2. meannn

    Best Verticals for Pop Traffic?

    No offense but the articles mentioned include the simplest instructions for those who are just started. And it needs email which you will get their promotions in future.
  3. meannn

    Best traffic sources for carrierbilling offers?

    I was talking about pop unders. If banner, or search engine ppc, yes direct linking better mostly. Whats your vertical ?
  4. meannn

    Adsterra Popunders

    Do they empty referers ? If not, I am interested.
  5. meannn

    [PSA] Chrome disables back button jacking/redirect scripts!

    Haha, if getting interact (click, scroll etc) anything can be done easily, even sneaky things. Open sms and add message, pop up, etc. The trick is to do it without any interact. And if back button redirect needs a user interact then I dont call it a solution.
  6. meannn

    [PSA] Chrome disables back button jacking/redirect scripts!

    But in older chromes and mobile right ?
  7. meannn

    Official PropellerAds - Your Advertising network & Global traffic source

    Any coupons for big withdraws like 1,000 usd ?
  8. meannn

    Follow Along $500 a day :)

    Rest In Peace friend
  9. meannn

    Maxbounty account terminated.

    Maxbounty is the top network when it comes to ban. Your offer has been used in an iframe or some bh technique like autofill etc. Show them that you have just purchased traffic to your lander with detailed pics on your account and ad settings.
  10. meannn

    Follow Along $500 a day :)

    They are so new, how can be like that ? However I will give a try. Do they empty referer or ?
  11. meannn

    Follow Along $500 a day :)

    May I ask why everyone uses zeropark ? Isnt that a broker company which gets traffic from big players (popads, popcash, etc) and sell to you ? Or am I missing sth ?
  12. meannn

    what happened with popcash traffic today 😂😂

    They have tons of bots and fraud, you luckily hit the legit traffic with correct LP.
  13. meannn

    Guide MEGA Thread of Useful Landing Page Scripts

    You sure it works on chrome mobile ?
  14. meannn

    Best traffic sources for carrierbilling offers?

    lol directlinking is dead for a long time, u need a very good lander for profit.
  15. meannn

    I am interested in becoming an Affiliate Rep or Manager

    Yeah I remember xy7, I was on xy7 elite :)