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Recent content by MaxBounty

  1. MaxBounty

    Maxbounty Contact

    Hey doubledouble! I'd be happy to help. What is your affiliate ID number and I'll have your AM reach out.?
  2. MaxBounty

    affiliate marketing IS NOT dead 💪

    Thanks, Luke! ☺️
  3. MaxBounty

    affiliate marketing IS NOT dead 💪

    We thought some of you might like to hear from a network on this topic. One that's been through it all. For starters, despite the ongoing pandemic, the last year has truly been our most profitable 12 months in the 17-year history of MaxBounty. On top of our affiliates' and our team's hard...
  4. MaxBounty

    Question about "Survey Traffic"

    @Palehorse No this is the sort of thing they do NOT want. No survey format allowed to promote those offers.
  5. MaxBounty

    Question about "Survey Traffic"

    Hey Everyone! For offers that say no survey traffic, it means the offer cannot be advertised as part of a survey site or in the process of someone completing a survey, where the offer is part of the survey. A lot of affiliates will set up quick surveys about for example, iPhones and then the end...
  6. MaxBounty

    Fraudulent Leads

    Hi @ArielleT I'd be happy to try to clarify the reason for the termination. Can you tell me your affiliate ID and I will look into it? Thanks!
  7. MaxBounty

    Max Bounty Termination

    Hi @littlelotto . Can you PM me your MaxBounty ID number so we can look into this further? Thanks!
  8. MaxBounty

    Handling Cash Flow - Bloody Difficult!

    Hi Pat! Sorry to hear you are having cash flow issues during these tough times. Message me your MaxBounty affiliate ID number and I'll have your m reach out to see how we can help. All the best!
  9. MaxBounty

    Affiliate Network

    Looks like we are in touch now. Thanks!
  10. MaxBounty

    Affiliate Network

    Hey Guys! @samb19 what is your affiliate ID number and I can see whats going on. It generally doesn't take 2 weeks to get approved so something must have happened.
  11. MaxBounty

    Step 9 - Setup PopAds Postback in BeMob

    What is your affiliate ID and I will look into the status of your app? After the New Year we had a ton of applications so our team was really behind for a few weeks which might explain the delay.
  12. MaxBounty

    Official MaxBounty - World leading performance-based CPA network

    MaxBounty is a world leading performance-based CPA network that specializes in maximizing the ROI of our clients. Since 2004, our goal has been to provide both affiliates and advertisers with a seamless, global online marketing experience. We aim to anticipate, evolve, and think one step ahead...
  13. MaxBounty


    If you're interested in becoming a MaxBounty affiliate again, I would certainly suggest applying. We're usually understanding of past circumstances. You can sign up here.
  14. MaxBounty


    If you're looking for a stable affiliate network that has been around for a long while, MaxBounty is a great choice. Having been around since 2004 and still alive and kicking up to now, you can be confident that this affiliate network will not disappear overnight. Below you will learn what...