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Recent content by Kaudo

  1. Kaudo

    Long Tail Keyword Density

    You can use something like Frase - it will compare your article with top 20 pages from google for that keyword and tell you all common topics, phrases, titles/headers, etc. to include in your article to make it more attractive. One of Its nice features is a list of related questions it prepares...
  2. Kaudo

    Comment by 'Kaudo' in article 'Ultimate Guide to Advertising Formats for Modern Marketing Campaigns'

    This is really an exhaustive list. Thank you!
  3. Kaudo

    Follow Along My road to $1000 in September 😱🤑😁 - Leadbit contest

    Learning through experience is definitely a good invested money.
  4. Kaudo

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, Kaudo here

    Thank you, guys, I appreciate it very much!
  5. Kaudo

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, Kaudo here

    Hi, Luke, thanks a lot. Depends on what part of seo you mean. I use a whole lot of tools daily for keyword research, competition spying, content related workflow, various AI copywriting tools... if I should choose just one favorite, it'd be ahrefs. It's a suite of tools, covers many aspects of...
  6. Kaudo

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, Kaudo here

    Hi, servandosilva, I'm from central Europe. For starters I would stay in my familiar environment which is home&garden, home improvement, etc...
  7. Kaudo

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, Kaudo here

    Hello Afflifters, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Kaudo, a part-time internet marketer since I was an adult. I've been building websites and trying to make money with them since 2003, but I've never really had success with paid advertising. Maybe because I didn't really try and SEO worked...