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Recent content by joment

  1. joment

    Not Secure in Chrome 80

    How much do you think this effects conversions?
  2. joment

    Listicles and Types Of Traffic

    Thanks Nick. I'm trying to expand horizontally since my margins are low. What Native platforms would you suggest. Taboola is the only one I've had success with, looking to Outbrain this week.
  3. joment

    Listicles and Types Of Traffic

    Currently, I've been buying Taboola Traffic to a Listicle with Limited Success. Are there other Traffic Types I should go after or should be higher priority. Anyone have any experience here? Im curious on Push Traffic and how it would perform. Would propeller ads be a good start? Thanks
  4. joment

    Follow Along First Timer Here. Wish me Luck (Gemini + Bemob + Max Bounty)

    Me Too. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. joment

    Follow Along First Timer Here. Wish me Luck (Gemini + Bemob + Max Bounty)

    Pay out is $80-95. So 3x-5x that. Let's go ~$400. From My experience, the traffic source is super important on Gemini. Got to get the bad eggs out of your traffic mix. Is that enough budget for a higher payout offer?
  6. joment

    Follow Along First Timer Here. Wish me Luck (Gemini + Bemob + Max Bounty)

    ✔ Traffic: Gemini 📋 Tracker: Bemob 💸Offer: Max Bounty (Health - High Payout) Hopefully, I can get this hooked up properly. I'm most interested in the tracking aspect here. I hope to try Zeropark upon Approval.
  7. joment

    Follow Along MaxBounty Keto + PropellerAds Native + PeerClick

    @Luke "Hell has frozen over." Is Max Bounty no good? Also, What do you think of Yahoo Gemini Native Traffic + MaxBounty + BeMob (tracking)
  8. joment

    Official RichPush.co - high-quality push traffic!

    The fact you would charge users $300 a month for being inactive is just greed, I realize you've changed this but.... for that reason Im Out (mark cuban voice)
  9. joment

    Propellerads IS DOWN!!??

    In my propeller ads dashboard. I dont see the campaign tab on the left. Maybe I did something wrong
  10. joment

    Advices From A Newbie To A Newbie

    Thanks for the information.
  11. joment

    Facebook Libra Whitepaper Going Live Today!!!

    Facebook is launching Libra to be a "stable coin", valued at $1 and always will be $1. Basically the billion or so people who are unbanked and those with volatile currencies will be have access to a stable currency. They bought WhatsApp for 18B, to expand their ecosystem. This would be a...