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    Follow Along Maxbounty Nutra Offer + ZeroPark + Voluum

    Damn you gave up on Facebook just like that? You know there are ways to get more Facebook accounts and create new business managers. You can even ask family and friends for their ad accounts
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    Affiliate compliance question

    Am I allowed to use the logo and disclaimers of the affiliate offer I am promoting - for my landing page?
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    Member Map - Coming Soon!

    Awesome! When will it be released?
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    Networking question

    Lifestyle / Networking question How do I find other entrepreneurs / affiliates to live and travel with, especially younger entreprenuers around my age (18) It's hard to stay motivated when your working towards working alone.
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    Hopefully I meet you there haha
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    LosPollos themselves ;)
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    Because you do not need a network of sites to run paid traffic campaigns I'm not even quite sure what you mean by "network of sites"
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    If I ask them that question then they will definitely reject me 😆😆😆
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    What sort of preparation?
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    I'm just a solo affiliate running paid traffic campaigns. What "site" would I have? I dont provide direct services for other businesses. I'm not a marketing agency.
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    Ah good call. And what would you put for "specific links from your site that show you'll be representing your company as an affiliate"?
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    Can you give me an example of what you would fill in for "evidence of affiliate work"
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    You will encounter a lot of bans, be ready for that.
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    Getting Accepted To ASE

    Hey guys! I'm interested in going to ASE this summer as an affiliate, and I was hoping for some help with my application. It's very important to me that I am able to go to this, and some of these questions I'm unsure what to answer and I really do NOT want to get rejected. I have never been...
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    Free Youtube spy tool?

    I was wondering if you guys know any free YouTube Ads spy tools? I posted a similar question for facebook and got some good shit out of it :)