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Recent content by DuavBa

  1. DuavBa

    Zeropark presents: Offer Wall

    @Zeropark It would be great if you add a bitcoin payment method for zeropark.
  2. DuavBa

    Follow Along Sushi’s Stab at Zeropark Native

    Since you target my country, I will be curious to follow the results. Good luck!
  3. DuavBa

    PropellerAds to Remove Native Ads

    sorry for that .. Native was working great for me ..
  4. DuavBa

    Evadav Revshare redirecting to adult offers

    From which traffic source did you get banned? it would be better if they warned you instead.
  5. DuavBa

    How to utilise purchased email list?

    anybody try this ? https://sendy.co/ maybe this will work.
  6. DuavBa

    What's the highest CPM you have paid for pop traffic?

    I did not fully understand. how can we do this with zeropark? Where is smart cpm? I started a campaign with ron, we need to spend hundreds of dollars to find the right audience. Because there are thousands of sites(target-id). (keyword campaigns don't work for me at all.)
  7. DuavBa

    Guide Ultimate Guide to PopAds 💰

    When using popads or zeroparkpop, do you use trap links? to find spam traffic?
  8. DuavBa

    Happy 2nd Birthday, affLIFT!

    Happy birthday afflift (y)
  9. DuavBa

    80/20 Rule with Affiliate Marketing

    This may be good for large companies, but it may not be suitable for us. One should not miss new initiatives.
  10. DuavBa

    80/20 Rule with Affiliate Marketing

    What kind of changes will we make for the campaigns we always do? To adapt to 80/20. I hardly understood this place.
  11. DuavBa

    Gambling Guide Giveaway + LPs

    @PropellerAds Thank you.
  12. DuavBa

    Case Study RTXplatform Domain Traffic With CPS offer!

    rtx has a lot of spam but i love it.
  13. DuavBa

    Motivation thread - Whats your average daily profit?

    congratz nice win! Since I took a break from the CPA world, I couldn't do much yet. My motivation is missing. I started from scratch right now, around $2000 a month:D with seo. Target is $ 1000 per day :)
  14. DuavBa

    Motivation thread - Whats your average daily profit?

    used to be over $700.I started all over again. @meannn İlk sen cevapla senin ne kadar:p