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Recent content by dood

  1. dood

    What I Learned Indirectly from Luke’s Beginners Course!

    PopAds does have an API so you could create a script that loads stats and blacklists websiteID-s based on the rules you define. https://www.popads.net/docs/api_website_targeting.html
  2. dood

    Official GOLDEN GOOSE - join the leaders of mVAS market

    Thanks! And is there a fee for wire transfer?
  3. dood

    Official GOLDEN GOOSE - join the leaders of mVAS market

    Hi! What's the fee and minimum payout for Wire transfers? Thanks!
  4. dood

    advertise youtube video on push ads? how to optimize?

    I know it's not related to push, but you might consider a service like https://www.ytmonster.net/
  5. dood


    This might help: https://app.monetizer.com/academy/post/-43
  6. dood

    HeyTap browser?

    It a common browser used on OPPO phones :)
  7. dood

    Pop Sources W/ Push Sub. Allowed?

    You can always send them to smartlink once they allow (or deny).
  8. dood

    Pop Sources W/ Push Sub. Allowed?

    ClickAdu allows some countries: https://support.clickadu.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011308638-Push-Subscriptions-offer-restrictions GEOs that are allowed in Push Subscriptions vertical campaigns: JP LT CR BR CO RU JO CM MY GT PL GH ET PK TR KR MX AF ID AM LK PS BF IT PE PT MA SN FR...
  9. dood

    HeyTap browser?

    Hi guys, looking for mobile pops networks that have HeyTap browser traffic. Do you know any?
  10. dood

    Building a list of networks who have a good API

    Well this one should be simple. You'll need to read the offer status from traffic source (let's say every 15 minutes) and then just have a rule that pauses the traffic on traffic source. No tracker integration needed here. In case you want to block zones based on performance in your tracker...
  11. dood

    Building a list of networks who have a good API

    Are you trying to build your own optimizer tool? What are you trying to do? Automatically block zones on traffic sources (based on data from tracker - pulled also via API)? Raise bid on traffic source? You'll want all of them to have a good API. The tracker, traffic source and affiliate...
  12. dood

    Greetings from Slovenia

    Welcome neighbour!
  13. dood

    Guide How to Direct Link with No Tracker

    In case someone doesn't want to pay for tracker in the beginning, I think Mobidea offers a free tracker when you promote their offers: https://www.mobidea.com/affiliates/mobidea-tracker-capabilities/ Could be a interesting topic to test that setup.
  14. dood

    Guide Running Trending Campaigns - Monetizer + PropellerAds

    I've noticed that Monetizer will sometimes show push lander even if you have OFF in the settings. I suggest using OFF in the settings AND adding &np=1 at the end of your URL.
  15. dood

    Insanely Cheap In-App Clicks

    Thanks man!