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Recent content by Dawka

  1. Dawka

    [Breaking] 250+ Ready-To-Go Affiliate Landers From AdPlexity - ONLY $1!!

    First time I bought something so quickly after I got e-mail with the offer :D
  2. Dawka

    Need some Royalty-free Images

    Hi Dan, I was thinking about the same when I launched my campaign. I googled but can't find anything like stock photo website with real selfies. I just use photos from Google images. To being honest I'm pretty sure that 90% of affiliates is doing the same. Actually the problem is only when you...
  3. Dawka

    Guide Share about How i feel about push traffic.

    Yeah, I noticed the same. But for me changing creatives don't really help to being honest. But I'm in dating vertical and I use just one offer so maybe GEO saw the offer enough times. I also use PropellerAds. Good advices anyway! Thanks!
  4. Dawka

    Follow Along Shotgun Mobidea Smartlink on PropellerAds

    Cool idea! I was trying scattershot/shotgun strategy on native with small success. Looking forward to see how it will works here :)
  5. Dawka

    Case Study Dating offer, USA and Native Ads

    On Propeller there's such option. I was running native campaigns on RevContent too but there I can't find capping. Depends on traffic source I think.
  6. Dawka

    Smartlinks - How it works, when to use it?

    I'm not really sure if I understood it correctly. Let me clarify. If I'll find that smartlink is doing well in for example DE, Vodafone, Android 7 I should create separate campaign with only these parameters? Or you mean something else?
  7. Dawka

    Smartlinks - How it works, when to use it?

    Yeah, I read about it on Charlesngo blog. You're right, it's probably the best way to use smartlinks. I totally forgot about caps in case of smartlinks! Probably the best offers could be reserved for better AM (or these with relations) like you said. Gold :) I never thought about it like...
  8. Dawka

    Smartlinks - How it works, when to use it?

    Hi guys! I asked this question before on the chat but I think it's more complex topic to discuss. I run dating offers with push and in last days I tried a few smartlinks. In my case it doesn't work too well. I mean I can break-even or a be in a small profit but nothing more. My main question...
  9. Dawka

    Is optimization on Site Id(or zoneid whatever) important in Push notification Ads?

    In my opinion it's not as important as for example in native. But still there are some zone IDs which convert better and some which don't convert at all. When someone subscribed on the list he did it on specific website. So he could be more interested in some type of products. For example he...
  10. Dawka

    Are you profitable with Push?

    I noticed the same. I could run low-paying offers for a week or so and they just stopped to work after a while. Like snotb4ll said, it could drive you crazy. Also higher paying offers tends to work better for me (I mean $1 vs $6 payout). I didn't try even higher payouts but I'm going to do. I...