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  1. DatingGroup

    Comment by 'DatingGroup' in article 'How to: BIGO ADS'

    What age your aduience has? You have Just In App traffic? Are you working on CPA model?
  2. DatingGroup

    Case Study DateMyAge promotion offer on Taboola.

    always welcome. How do you think what kind of information Afflift's audience would like to hear from advertiser?
  3. Dating Group

    Dating Group

    Dating Group is a social discovery company with a portfolio of dating brands that includes Dating.com, CupidMedia, and many more. The company has been around since 1993 and has acquired multiple popular dating brands since its inception. Headquartered in Malta, Dating Group has a global reach with seven offices around the globe. The company's mission is to bring people together through the power of relationships. If you’re an affiliate marketer focusing on the dating niche, joining this company’s affiliate program is a must. Dating Group Affiliates Dating Group's brands are designed to appeal to a wide range of users, from those seeking serious relationships to those looking for casual dating or hookups. With a massive database of over 140 million active users, Dating Group's brands are some of the most popular in the online dating industry. It has 45 social discovery apps and platforms that accept traffic from 100 countries worldwide. Some of its popular brands include...
  4. DatingGroup

    Case Study DateMyAge promotion offer on Taboola.

    that is good idea. as i know from my team we already started cooperation, as soon as there would be smth, i will share)
  5. DatingGroup

    Case Study DateMyAge promotion offer on Taboola.

    yes. Our brands are white lable, so it is easy to go through moderation. Do you have troubles with moderation on dating offers?
  6. DatingGroup

    Case Study DateMyAge promotion offer on Taboola.

    How not to screw up on the first test? Today I want to show you how our internal media works with Taboola traffic. I will share the logic that we use in optimization and how to achieve the best results. This happens to be the same way we optimize results with our partners and their publishers...
  7. DatingGroup

    I am a media buyer. I have quality traffic.

    welcome! If you have some display web for mainstream dating, ping me back
  8. DatingGroup

    Hey everyone, I am Kevin, A newbie here!

    Welcome here!
  9. DatingGroup

    Guide How to reach your first $10/day campaign almost GUARANTEED

    i think he says to avoid them cuz this type of traffic (push, pop up) don't work on them
  10. DatingGroup

    Dating Smartlinks?

    Luke it is time to send your traffic on my dating offers
  11. DatingGroup

    Push networks for dating

    Hi there! We have direct dating offers. Ping me back i will tell you more
  12. DatingGroup

    Take a coffee break and let's think: Do Memes work or not?

    Hi Guys! This week was really hard for me. We had a lot of work with new affiliates. Thank you for registering on our DGA Platform. Whole week I was thinking about a marketing plan. Clever people say that memes should be a part of entertainment marketing. I want to hear your opinion about it...
  13. DatingGroup

    Case Study What creatives work better on Snapchat? Case study from our team.

    We thought it would be cool to share our experience of testing ads with the community. There’s nothing better than sharing knowledge, gaining insight and hearing hilarious comments, right =). So stay tuned and we’ll update this thread every week. The scenario: we tested a Dating.com offer with...
  14. DatingGroup

    Official Dating Group Affiliates - Industry Leading Payouts up to $600 Pay-per-Sale (PPS)

    Hi there! Yes Of Course. Did you register on the platform?
  15. DatingGroup

    Case Study: How to Make $600 a Day with Dating Affiliate Offers

    Hey, why you go so rude. I left comment on your thread. I made activity for you=) you come on mine and do same. And of course if you have traffic for mainstream dating you are welcome to our offers.