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Recent content by colin

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    Follow Along Third try (with push this time) ZeroPark + MaxBounty

    I think you should stop everything and get your bankroll up before moving forward. At the very least, you should be testing much lower payout offers, based on your budget.
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    Lead Generation

    Sounds like you want a software to collect and distribute (sell) leads from a sweepstakes funnel/path? I think any generic lander builder like Leadpages or Clickfunnels is not really built for this, and cannot handle the complicated backend stuff. I have not tested these personally, but here...
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    Follow Along Can I Make a Profitable Offer Work on Voluum DSP?

    For CPM bidding I try to use some rules to get CPCs for individual widgets within a range that is "average" based on overall campaign CPC, offer EPC, and lander CTR. For example, if offer EPC is ~$2, lander CTR ~50%, then I want (on average) ad clicks less than $1, in order to be profitable...
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    Follow Along Soon to be: The most viewed follow along @"AFFLIFT" in 90 days challenge 🤔

    What a joke. Your first thread was a completely fabricated "Follow Along" and this one is just begging for likes and views. Why would we want to hear you ramble gibberish on video about "how the industry works" when this thread was supposed to "reveal everything in details" about your dating...