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Recent content by Captndave

  1. Captndave

    about monetizer offer link

    Yes I posted a thread about it a few days ago https://afflift.com/f/threads/prpellerads-monitizer-campaign-suspension-issues.4237/#post-44483
  2. Captndave

    about monetizer offer link

    Yes add the &np=1 if you are using propellerads or else the will suspend the campaign. If you are going for push subs work with popads.
  3. Captndave

    I want to start Push

    @amazone Been using the same techniques I have been using for years just over the last 6 months I have been seen a decrease in conversions and an increase in cost. Just time to move away.
  4. Captndave

    I want to start Push

    Ok went ahead and started my own campaign so I guess this will be my own follow along. Traffic from propellerads Dating vertical from zeydoo Tracker: bemob Staring budget $100 I ran this same offer using pop ads and had zero results!!!!
  5. Captndave

    I want to start Push

    From my data over the last two months it seems like pop and zero clock traffic is no longer working especially on zeropark. Campaigns now cost 100x more and produce little if any results. So now I am looking more into push traffic I have run a few campaigns, but looking to make some serious...
  6. Captndave


    Yeah I received an invitation a few days ago just signed up, not many but some nice offers.
  7. Captndave

    Prpellerads Monitizer Campaign suspension issues

    No you cant it seems. Just Monetizer still gets push subs even if you direct link.
  8. Captndave

    Prpellerads Monitizer Campaign suspension issues

    Has anyone else been experiencing this problem? When trying to add a campaign or have a campaign running for a while, from Monitizer, it get's suspended for push subscriptions I am direct linking and have the smartlink fallback turned off.
  9. Captndave

    Follow along

    Are you using a tracking program?
  10. Captndave


    Signed up just waiting on approval, I hope maybe Monday.
  11. Captndave

    Follow Along 2020 campaign: Monetizer + BeMob + Propellerads SmartCPA

    @mycashnow19 If you self optimize it throws off the algorithm. Its best just to set and forget.
  12. Captndave


    Yeah I remember spicy offers. It's been a while I will check them out.
  13. Captndave

    What's the deal with these Account Suspensions??

    I have had traffic accounts suspended before when using maxbounty. Their links are black balled esp on FB and Google. You defiantly need a prelander if working with them.
  14. Captndave

    Guide How to make money with mobile IVRs and Traffic Company

    I have also been promoting these make sure you get he telegram group from your AM to see whats hot for the day.
  15. Captndave

    Outsourcing Tasks

    Back in the day I used India for coding and app development, and the Philippines for graphics, web design and content. The cost was about the same just that each country really has it's own specialty.