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Recent content by caleb

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  1. caleb

    RollerAds POP

    That is awesome revenue at Monetizer @zero click, Is that your one day revenue for Monetizer?
  2. caleb

    Follow Along My trip to $ 2-5 a day profit - The Intermediate Guide (30 days adventure)💪🤭

    Hi addy112, Are you using your own custom landing page for the survey offers or are you using the built-in landing page provided by Zeydoo?
  3. caleb

    Follow Along My trip to $ 2-5 a day profit - The Intermediate Guide (30 days adventure)💪🤭

    Thanks for the share @addy112 I can confirm that BR, TZ, ZA, and IL also converts quite good on my end. :)
  4. caleb

    How can I make my ad campaign after optimization spend more than $ 1-2 per day?

    Add 10 more of these campaigns and you are at 6.80, add a thousand more and your are at 680. ;)
  5. caleb

    Case Study Interesting Results With Propeller's Direct Click Traffic 🔥

    So Propeller now offers domain redirect traffic? Do you think this is in house or traffic from other sources they just rebrokering?
  6. caleb

    Anyone Have Experience with Adsterra CPA Network?

    Maybe we can have Adsterra sponsor a contest here at Afflift? What do you think at @Luke?
  7. caleb

    Anyone Have Experience with Adsterra CPA Network?

    What is your payment terms @Adsterra? The FAQ page is kinda confusing. Let's say I opt for PayPal which has a $100 minimum for payout. How long is your pay cycle if I hit the $100 minimum payout?
  8. caleb

    Anyone Have Experience with Adsterra CPA Network?

    Hi Guys! Just want to get your feedback of Adsterra CPA Network. They have lots of interesting offers which is similar to Zeydoo. I am looking to test them out. Any experience with them? Please share.
  9. caleb

    How Long From Test to Profitability?

    If my initial ROI is -70% and I could turn it around to make 2 to 3 dollars per day consistently for say 3 to 6 months, definitely worth it if the initial loss is just $10 to 20 dollars. But turning around a -70% isn't as easy as turning around a -30% campaign. The risk is also higher that you...
  10. caleb

    Does it make sense to launch adult dating in Tier 3 countries?

    IMHO, you can try Tier 2 countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea. These countries offer relatively good payout vis a vis competition. I wouldn't recommend Tier 3 GEO especially if your doing SOI offers as most of the time leads won't back out as people...
  11. caleb

    Case Study Should you split test your landing page backgrounds? Let the numbers speak!

    I haven't had much success promoting these finance offers. It converts but not that good enough to be profitable. I am direct linking. I wonder if a landing page will help the CR. But what type of landing page for these type offers. I searched spy tools but I see people are mostly direct linking.
  12. caleb

    Follow Along Leadbit + Adsterra + Anstrex + Binom (First Time Using Them All)

    For Dating offers, you might want to look at Adnium or Vrume for Member area traffic which would be of higher quality for these dating offers.
  13. caleb

    Marking My First Profitable Day. PropellerAds Push Tier3 Sweepstakes.

    Congrats on hitting your first profitable on such a short time. I remember hitting my first profitable day after more than a year of trial and error. Great job!(y)
  14. caleb

    Follow Along Push notifications to the riches

    Here is a quote from Einstein that has guided me when running campaigns. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”
  15. caleb

    Follow Along My first follow along Dating campaign PPV

    What affiliate network are you using? If you have access to ClickDealer, I suggest to try their smartlink. Most of these dating offers are just from one or two advertisers rebranded into different offers but actually from the same advertiser. Most of these offers won't have much difference in...