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Recent content by ArielleT

  1. ArielleT

    Follow Along Traffic Company + PropellerAds CPA Goal

    I’m an opera user for desktop and mobile. Opera browser has adblocker automatically enabled and they also have anti-tracking enabled also. Which can make it difficult
  2. ArielleT

    Official Flirtymania — make your adult traffic work for you!

    Hey flirtymania, I own and operate an adult site. Is there any possibility to white label your dating offer. Also do you support S2S postback pixel?
  3. ArielleT

    SelfAdvertiser Contest - $5,000 in Prizes - BIGGEST EVER!

    I used SelfAdvertiser before! They have pretty good sources :)
  4. ArielleT

    FREE LANDING PAGE especially for afflift. You decide!

    These are amazing, thank you!!
  5. ArielleT

    Mistakes made by affiliate marketers

    Here are the mistakes I made as an affiliate myself and also what affiliates make from a perspective as an affiliate manager at my job. As a beginner affiliate myself: Direct linking. I made this mistake during beginner days. Always having a landing page with you and A/B test landing pages vs...
  6. ArielleT

    Follow Along EvaDav & Pay Per Call - Credit Repair!

    It wasn't performing well on push traffic or on EvaDav traffic, I decided to move it to BingAds Search and Native.
  7. ArielleT

    Follow Along EvaDav + UK Sweepstakes Offers

    Im still running it, so far not much volume or LP clicks to make a determination.
  8. ArielleT

    Difference between 0.7$ offer with 5.6$ offer? SAME FLOW

    It's a pretty obvious decision, If the flow is simple, and the payout is high pick it!
  9. ArielleT

    Offer testing techniques

    Here's my template on offers: Adult/Mainstream 1-click/SOI/DOI/Click-To-Call - Pop/Native/Push - 10x budget if the payout is $1 or more. 20x budget if the payout is less than $1 (example $0.35/1-click). CC Submit - Pop/Native/Push - 2x budget. An example $26/CPA offer would be $52 budget...
  10. ArielleT

    [GIVEAWAY] 75 Landing Page Pack to 10 Members!

    My favorite vertical is sweepstakes and ecommerce
  11. ArielleT

    I'm Looking for Propeller Push alternative

    AdMaven may have that solution
  12. ArielleT

    Microsoft Ads "Tracking Call Unsuccessful" - Using BeMob. Anyone had this issue?

    Like bemob said. No re-direct tracking is the only way for Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Also direct linking to the offer will not work at all. I’m planning to make a video tutorial on this to help you guys out
  13. ArielleT

    Useful code for pay per callers

    I can 100% guarantee you it's not blocking it. Its working on Opera, Safari, Chrome. My stats show that latest Chrome version is doing the job.
  14. ArielleT

    Useful code for pay per callers

    If you're looking for that method. Just do this. <a href="tel:YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER_HERE">PHONE NUMBER HERE</a> This code here already does it automatically <script> location.replace("tel:" + phone_number) </script>
  15. ArielleT

    Follow Along EvaDav & Pay Per Call - Credit Repair!

    It's not really auto calling. The visitor clicked on the ad, and then went on the page with the phone number. Heard SMS is definitely not allowed. It's not a network, it's a direct advertiser. You can definitely find it by typing "Credit Repair affiliate program pay per call" on google. I'm...