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Recent content by Anselmoreal

  1. Anselmoreal

    Goals for 2019

    My main goal is to wake up everyday at 4:00am. I know you guys think that’s crazy, that’s exactly right, I want to be an anomaly and I believe that’s going to propel all the other goals.
  2. Anselmoreal

    out of daily impressions?

    Awesome thanks,
  3. Anselmoreal

    December Winning PropellerAds Contest Threads

    Just found out, been true a lot the past couple of days, time to make it happen
  4. Anselmoreal

    Follow Along PropellerAds, Peerfly, Bemob.

    another day and two more unsuccessful campaigns. I won't give up!! everyday im launching.
  5. Anselmoreal

    Follow Along PropellerAds, Peerfly, Bemob.

    Killing another campaign, not happy with this results, but I feel is a matter of time!!
  6. Anselmoreal

    What do you like best about affLIFT?

    small and focus forum, straight to the point, affordable but premium, luke support.
  7. Anselmoreal

    out of daily impressions?

    Whats the deal in propellerAds? always get campaigns paused because they reach the limit of impressions!
  8. Anselmoreal

    Hi From Chicago

    Welcome and good luck, good game last night, i'm from new orleans so thanks.
  9. Anselmoreal

    Spying Megapush

    This is not for MegaPush, in this case im receiving notifications from Mgid: step 1: go to an offer landing page using Chrome. Step 2: accept to receive notifications. step 3 : use a VPN to change the country you want the notifications from:
  10. Anselmoreal

    Spying Megapush

    I subscribed to push pages in chrome, that combine with HMA! VPN, its been good so far.
  11. Anselmoreal

    Follow Along PropellerAds, Peerfly, Bemob.

    Had to kill the campaigns and reevaluate my offers, talking to affiliate managers for better recommendations, a good offer should always be our main priority.
  12. Anselmoreal

    Follow Along PropellerAds, Peerfly, Bemob.

    after doing some testing and making some mistakes on push, it's time to take it a little more serious, i'm really learning how to create good creatives for direct linking campaigns, for the moment only going to be running sweeps from peerfly, in the future im going to use landers for big...
  13. Anselmoreal

    Guide Direct Linking PeerFly with MegaPush (no tracker required)

    Please make a propeller tutorial since many of us here have accounts and balances, thanks for what you are doing.
  14. Anselmoreal

    zeropark ads

    My best success has been with tonic and propellerads smart cpa, ZeroPark is intimidating for me cause the money burns really quick, now zeropark has SmartEcpa witch will optimize the campaigns for you just like propeller does but you have to be willing to spend at least 200$ and the campaign has...
  15. Anselmoreal

    Your experience with Zeropark so far.

    I don’t know how long you been in the game! But that’s not bad!