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Recent content by afiq

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    Official AdCombo | Biweekly payouts | Exclusive Cash-on-Delivery offers

    @Adcombo, why your COD products only comes in COD flow? Why not provide direct sale or traditional CPS flow as well (since you own the products)? I know this sound stupid, but if you think of it, the cod products also could be sold directly without adding the calling intermediary step. Have you...
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    Maxbounty Account

    I am also from Asia. Applied twice many years ago. Got rejected straight away without any reason. They don't even consider to do the interview. Gave up on the network.
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    Mac or Windows

    Dell XPS is Window-based and a great Macbook alternative . I have mine and it works great. Recommended. There is software called Parallel Desktop that allows you to run Windows app side by side with MacOS. Or you can just dual boot.
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    Propellerads : Inconsistent Moderation

    This happens to me today. I was just about to promote "Spirulina Mask" offer from Adcombo through Push. Everything was fine, it got approved initially. After a few hours it got suspended for this exact reason. I asked the support team and they said I need to clarify that the product is not a...
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    Top Affiliate Earning 140K/month. Anybody know how these affiliates generate conversions with IQOption?

    This reminds me of Mr Opulent latest Youtube video where he claimed he made six figures per month doing trading offers. Disclaimer: The video is recommended to me by Youtube algo. I am not affiliated with this guy by any mean. The video is basically just a pitch for his webinar, which...
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    Jay Wessman is alive?

    I like how Jay took one whole year to respond to this thread. :LOL:
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    Traffic Networks With Named Websites

    Exoclick has that if I am not mistaken. But mostly adult traffics. Self Advertiser also show you the domain name, but limited to only zero click campaign.
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    Look what I found

    affLift deserves it. I start promoting Monetizer because of Luke's Follow Along.
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    Looking for affiliate network...

    If I'm not mistaken, dr.cash also provides pre-landers for their offers.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    This is something that I am not aware of. I learned my lesson. I'll be more careful next time. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    I have checked my account and it is successfully reinstated! (including my account balance) Thank you very much Mobidea for giving me a second chance. I'm almost give up hope. Thank you PropellerAds for your cooperation till the end. At least, Propellerads has one less fraud publisher. I am...
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    What do you have for your computer monitor?

    I like how everyone posts follow along, guides, etc.. where @ChrisBa here just chilling posting random stuff from now and then. I like it! As for me, I just use basic Dell 22 Monitor. Just a typical monitor, great for office work.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Their compliance team somehow very very slow (probably not tech savvy), not competent maybe. It took them a month to give me somewhat workable reply.
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    My Mobidea Account Got Banned Because of Fraudulent PropellerAds Publisher

    It is almost a month since my last post on this issue here, today I would like to give some updates. I have contacted PropellerAds support team privately (since they refuse to communicate on this matter here). I gave them all the details and everything. The first person that handle this case...