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Recent content by abdullah

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    Roby Blanchard course

    once you opt in his email list he will bombard you with sales pitch emails daily :D
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    Highest quality Push Traffic providers?

    how to claim this after first deposit?
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    Looking for a Start to Finish PAID course recommendation!

    hi nick can we get the outline and summary of the course that what we are going to learn in it
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    Follow Along Evadav + Self-hosted Push Notifications Landers + Crossed Fingers

    i dont know if you are going to collect push subscribers but i think evadav dont allow to do so. you should check it in terms and conditions. 1.4 Use of landing pages for collecting push-notification subscribers is strictly prohibited.
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    Hi from BidVertiser

    thought debit cards will not be charged when i use coupon but they charged 101$ for it and now i am waiting for funds and coupon to be shown in my account
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    Vietnam and Indonesia Traffic Needed

    tried offers in both regions but approval rate is very low.
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    [Giveaway] 10 Copies of 250+ Landing Pages

    wow thats nice. thanks luke :) waiting for download link
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    Follow Along MaxBounty Keto + PropellerAds Native + PeerClick

    waiting eagerly for further updates :)
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    [Giveaway] 10 Copies of 250+ Landing Pages

    i am using beyondhosting to host my landers. hope will get the pack of these landers. :)
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    New & Existing Creatives Canceled on RTX Push Due to Malicious Redirect…

    rtx has this issue they often reject creatives right in the middle of successful campaign and then when you submit again it can take days to approve again. try that your lander dont have entry pop or exit pop
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    RTX Platform Direct Link

    which course you are talking about? are you using tracking while doing direct link? which type of offers you are direct linking? rtx have many parameters and tracking options available if you place pixel on your landing page.
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    Case Study EZMob Pops with Smart Push Conversions

    this is mobile traffic or desktop?
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    NEW! AdPlexity Push is Currently Available COMPLETELY FOR FREE!

    same query and they did not answered properly about this there is no option to cancel the account
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    Follow Along Ad-Maven+ADCOMBO+BEMOB Weight loss (COD)

    great going good hope you will make it profitable.