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Roller Ads - Ratings

Minimum Deposit
  • L1Ght
  • 3.00 star(s)
Push traffic often works with me, Pop doesn't convert much, I hope you improve the support. I try to contact AM and support, but there is no response yet.
I've worked with RollerAds for a few months now, and it's been my main source for push.

It's really nice for Push Traffic, not so much for Pop though...

It's definitely easier to get your ads approved than Propeller Ads.

The platform looks nice and is easy to use.

You can target your traffic very precisely, and they allow CPA and auto rules optimization.

The volume is not that bad to be fair.

The staff is reactive.

You can pay with Paypal and Credit Card.

I think it is worth to give it a try!
I have only started partnering with RollerAds few days ago, and after initial testing spend I can say:

+ platform is easy to use
+ fast approvals
+ multiple ad formats
+ high quality traffic
+ cheaper than competition
+ responsive and helpful AM
+ API integration ready

- volumes are rather small (I've tested only few geos though)
  • Luke
  • 5.00 star(s)
I started testing Roller Ads push when they released the ability to run a campaign where you only pay a CPA and it's performed amazing. I was ROI positive from the beginning. Definitely worth a try! 👍

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