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  • LazyGuy
  • 5.00 star(s)
CPV Lab Pro is my first paid dedicated affiliate marketing tracker. After using free plans of other trackers I experienced either some campaign and data restrictions on them or missing feature to detect bot and proxy traffic (very essential for push and pop traffic). After doing some research I found CPV Lab Pro the most affordable one which could help me save my ad budget by filtering bot and proxy traffic.

- Unlimited events!
- Ability to track a great deal of metrics (including iPhone model too)
- The interface is clean and decluttered
- Advanced A/B split testing combinations
- Feature of data visualization of campaigns stats through charts and graphs and other tailored reports
- Easy integration with traffic source and affiliate networks like it's plug-n-play
- Multivariate tool for landing page testing

- Requires a server to host the tool but I guess campaign data privacy comes at a cost. I use a cheap $5/month server which works absolutely fine. They have a cloud based tracker though.
- The GUI is newbie friendly but the vast array of tools, features and settings can be overwhelming for a beginner. It has a slight learning curve.

Rating A+