Zeyoo Survey + Galaksion CPA = PROFIT ???



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Apr 17, 2018
There have been a lot of complaints about Zeydoo surveys and how they do not work anymore. CPAs get cut, they don't convert, etc...

But, I've had success on them quite a bit. Not as much as @Nick, but I've definitely contributed to the PropellerAds subscriber pool. Anyway, I had some money left on my Galaksion account so I decided to relaunch an old campaign and make it as dead simple as possible.

Here is some data from my old campaigns:

This time, I took the captcha survey and direct linked it without even using a tracker 😂


As you can see, my test budget ($50) was spent on the 2nd day and my CPA jumped to $0.07 when that was included in the total, but since then I've stuck at a $0.03 CPA and I was generating over 1000 conversions a day. My traffic dropped over the past few days because my balance was empty while I was at the beach for my daughter's birthday the past few days. Added more budget and the traffic is back.


Super simple campaign. Not saying you will have it this easy since I
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