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ZEYDOO: The most popular Programmatic Advertising Platforms of 2022



Super Contributor
Apr 23, 2020

New useful material from the ZeyDoo team is on the agenda 🔥

We invite you to discuss the topic of programmatic advertising, which is growing every year. By 2022, the potential total revenue in this area could reach about $100 billion in the United States 💸

What is the reason for this popularity❓

📌 This tool with can easily count on high-quality leads, fast conversion and revenue growth (but for this you need to choose the right platform)

Programmatic provides the automatic (not direct) purchase of digital advertising space. The system algorithm helps to select relevant users at an adequate price. The main advantage is automatic bidding.

What categories of platforms exist ❓

1️⃣ DSP (Demand-Side) platforms - use advertisers to bid for digital advertising space
2️⃣ SSP (Supply-Side) platforms – pubs work with to sell advertising inventory
3️⃣ Advertising Exchanges (Ad Exchanges)
4️⃣ DMP (Data Management) platforms

The most popular are:

Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP and MediaMath (from the DSP category)
PubMatic, Criteo and Google Ad Manager (from the SSP category)

You can find more information about the platforms in a new article on the ZeyDoo blog. Their number is growing every day and there are really high guarantees
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