Follow Along Zeydoo survey + Propeller Ads + Binom. Hopefully I can crack this offer this time



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Sep 29, 2021
I tried the Zeydoo financial survey multiple times in the past but failed all of them. At that time I used Smart CPM pop and push CPC on several geos like MY (POP), BR, TH (PUSH) but none of any campaigns show any promising results. So I gave up until recently when being motivated by Nick's guide using CPA bidding model. So I will try one more time, hopefully I can crack this survey this time with the help of you guys.

I started with the first GEO recommended by my AM.

This is my campaign setting

This is my camp performance after 2 days running. I'm running CPA Goal 2.0 with the bid at 70% payout which is 0.11

This is my browser breakdown

My connection breakdown

My OS version breakdown


None of them show any promising result to optimizer further. I also got almost no traffic today. It seems the Propeller stopped sending traffic to my campaign due to poor performance. Do you think I should stop this camp now and move to test next recommended GEO by my
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