Follow Along Zeydoo Survey Offers+Adsterra CPA Model

Golden Goose


Super Contributor
Jun 2, 2019
✅Traffic Source : Adsterra CPA

⭐ Tracking Tool: Voluum

⬇️Affiliate Network: Zeydoo

✨Offer Type: Finance Survey New Feed

💥 GEO Test :Third country(They are more likely to be converted relative to developed countries)

PS: I've had some success with Adsterra in the past and their CPA pricing is very easy for newbies, combined with third countries which is the primary reason I initiated the test.

Let's follow along from the beginning


1. It still has very high traffic and I set a speed test at $5 per hour, which is the first data it came back with.
2. It was tested for $50 and I set up two Paths.
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