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Follow Along Zeropark Pops + Zeydoo Surveys @Binom



Super Contributor
Jan 25, 2019
The affLIFT contests are awesome. You get to read, you get to learn. You get to play, you get to earn.

After earning a participation prize from last follow-along and seeing the beautiful below banners 😍 it's pretty hard to ignore this zeropark contest.

So I'M IN 💥



🎯 Traffic Source: Zeropark Pops
🔧 Tracking Tool:
✅ Affiliate Network:
👍 Type of Offer:
Low Payout Surveys
💰 Offer Payout:
🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because:
I've some past experience with Zeropark and adding the experience (and help hopefully) of other affLIFTers we'll be sure to make this profitable
🔍 I am unsure about:
although I've played a bit with Zeropark it has been a couple of years ago. Not sure what changed, for the better or the worse. Guess we'll find out

Step 1: Deposit


Since I already have an account on Zeropark without any funds on it the first step was to deposit with promo code afflift_10 to get a 10% bonus.

Step 2: Traffic type

I know Zeropark has access to huge volumes of pop traffic so I decided to test this type first. I never tried domain redirects but


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