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Follow Along Zeropark Pops + ApproachX = PROFIT?!?!?!?

Golden Goose


Staff Member
Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
Over the past few months, I've been testing Zeropark PPV (pop and redirect) traffic more. It's something I come back to consistently because it's worked well for me on-and-off for a decade now :D

Here is an example from last month:

Well, last month when I was testing I put together a pop campaign for a new ApproachX offer. I try to get on their new offers/LPs early and then hope by being one of the first people to send traffic to them that I'll be able to get a bump on my good sources :D


The initial tests went okay and you can see with RBO (Rules Based Optimization) I was able to get it close to profitable but I let it die because it seemed like I wasn't going to be able to get a pay bump.

Fast forward to this Thursday and I received this message from my AM at ApproachX:


This has happened a few times where my traffic started to back out with them awhile after I sent the conversions because of how they monetize it on the backend. Anyway, of course I am happy to
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