Follow Along Zeropark+LP+Sweep Target income of $30/day


New member
🎯 Traffic Source: Zeropark(PPV)
🔧 Tracking Tool: Afilter Tracker
✅ Affiliate Network: Affluent
👍 Type of Offer: Sweep
💰 Offer Payout: $3.5 EGO:US

Inventory type:premium
bid: 0.002 (CPM 2$)
Daily budget :50$ Targets daily budget:1$ Traffic Filters:Mobile only {Carrier traffic and Wi-Fi (Android Phone )} Frequency filters :24H
Before that I tested multiple lps. And picked one of the best performers. the campaign strategy: Step 1: Visits.100ctr 1%pause. Step 2: if the target cost over 1 there no conversation pause. Step 3: if the source cost over 2xpayout there no conversation,pause. I am a newbie I hope you can give me a lot of advice. Thanks.Wish me luck.
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