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ZeroPark DOMAIN traffic - win ratio 0%?

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Grand Guru
May 2, 2018
I decided to give a ZeroPark DOMAIN traffic another go.

I've tested Tier3 country domain traffic (Mainstream Android 3G).

I have a RON campaign and I can see some targets that have a lot of daily traffic, but I'm not getting any of it. Here is a screenshot for a single day:


I am getting traffic from targets that have less daily traffic - so the campaign is working.

Keep in mind that my CPM bid was $25 at that moment :)

So I decided to create a new TARGET campaign and whitelist just a few of those targets. Campaign uses the same targeting as the main RON campaign. I've also set my CPM bid to $50 (just for testing purposes).

And here is the screenshot from TARGET campaign:


Again - no traffic. I wish I could see Average bid in RON campaign for those targets - but as you can see there is no info.

Any suggestions? It seems that there is traffic available for my targeting options (based on RON campaign) - but why am I not getting any traffic?

I've asked ZeroPark support for average bids for those targets but they just said I can
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