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Guide Your Offer Payout Doesn’t Mean S#!&



🧙🏻‍♂️ Wizard 🔮
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May 7, 2018
Most people who start affiliate marketing all do it for the same reason - to make money. Everyone needs money, and affiliate marketing can be a great way to make it on your own terms, whenever you want.

Naturally, if a noob wants to make money, they look for offers that pay the best.

Big numbers look sexy.



But let’s say you find the same offer on multiple affiliate networks. On one network, this Mcdonald's sweepstakes offer pays $2.00 for an email submit (SOI); on another network, you find that same offer paying out a whopping $4.00!?!

What offer are you going to pick?

Obviously, the $4.00 offer. It pays 2x as much as that other network. That other network is probably a total scam; they’re keeping half of YOUR money!


So without consideration, you run only that $4.00 offer because… big numbers. And big numbers = sexy. Remember?

After going through your very well-thought-out testing regime, you’re not making any money. Your ROI is bad, like -80% ROI bad.

It hurts. Especially when @Neil, our friendly neighborhood genius, comes along, and he’s making BANK from the same Mcdonald's sweepstakes. 100% ROI like it’s nothing.


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