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Follow Along Willb - My first PUSH Sweepstakes Campaign



Dec 12, 2021
I am a beginner.
Learning by following the tutorials on Afflift for lotteries.

Choose Offer

I signed up with ClickDealer affiliate, chose a Tier 2 country and applied for a few offers in Spain. at the same time the affiliate manager AM understood my plan to find a Tier 2 country to run ads when I applied for offers.

AM recommended several other Offers to me and I applied for all of them, for a total of 8 Offers.

Selecting an imitation target

I started to find the corresponding LP on anstrex, setting the search criteria, 'Spanish language iphone, sorted by Ad-Gravity DESC'.

I first searched for ads with the same Offer as mine and found that there were not many with acceptable data performance, so I chose the one that was ranked number one at the time to copy.


I've seen it perform well in terms of numbers, with some duration and good values for Ad-Gravity and Ad-Strength.

Download LP

I went ahead and downloaded his LP.


Looked at the code is not complicated, including the CSS page animation, click the button JavaScript jump.

Uploading LPs to the Internet
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