Why (some) network sells garbage traffic?



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May 10, 2018
Hi, pls check attachments : i ran a test campaign whose goal was to see where we are at with floor bid conversion+push sub potential. So geo=ww and bid...0.0001.

129k visits , only approx 11k went to offer and the rest was trashed from Monetizer brickwall classified as "thats not even a bot , get out of here !", next to 0 revenue from Propush ( those revenue in attach are from another campaign ) unless we want co consider 0.016 from India ( thanks Gautam ) a revenue, few subscribers.
( lpage/tags are working nicely , I'm using it for other campaigns ).

Now expectations with that bids were low but question is for what purposes is that garbage traffic sold for ? i.e. is for inflating websites stats for Flippers ? What would u use that traffic for in order to have back the value of what you pay+ at least 20% profit ?

p.s. anyway 1 geo+offer was green and as I have a clear segment view from stats I m running a specifically targeted campaign that could lead some peanuts back


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