Why affiliates quit & how to earn with Zeropark on a small budget? [Zeropark study]



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May 3, 2018
Hey guys,

You might have observed on the forum that many beginners open a follow along, post a few updates and then disappear into oblivion, never to be seen again. If you’re wondering why so many affiliates get discouraged and quit before earning any money, so were we. That’s why our in-house business analytics team decided to look at raw data of hundreds of new joiners to determine what actions lead to affiliates quitting.

We’ve been able to determine some key differences between those who stayed and started earning, and those who quit within a week without seeing any green. Without further ado, here are the conclusions.

💡 Why affiliate marketers quit before turning a profit?

Both groups, those who quit and those who didn’t, focused on launching RON campaigns in Zeropark. They used the same kind of feeds and all came with a variety of previously acquired offers.

However, affiliate marketers who quit within a week had the following distinct behavior that we observed based on Zeropark data:

1. Setting low bid values

People who quit within a week used low bid values regardless of the GEO they chose to target. While the correct way to approach bidding is
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