Where to buy Facebook accounts


Apr 3, 2019

In a separate article, we have already written that Facebook accounts are different. These can be autoregs, brutes, real user accounts, or cloud accounts. A separate criterion is how much the account is warmed up: how many activities the account has, how long ago it was last used, etc.

On the Internet, you can find many ads offering to buy ready-made Facebook accounts. The question is how to understand that the seller will not deceive you.

Where to get accounts

In terms of costs, the cheapest way is to create accounts yourself. But it will take several months to recruit activities, friends and increase the trust of the account. So on the one hand you’ll get a low cost and on the other — this method will take a lot of your time.

Moreover, if you plan to make good money on affiliate marketing, you will need several accounts in reserve in case of ban. Considering that it is better to warm up several accounts at once, in any case, you will have to spend money on proxies, SIM cards and an antidetect browser.

Another option is to ask friends and family to give access to their account to launch ads. But
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